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  • wccbus

    WordCamp Takeaways From An Intern

    I’m about midway through my eighth month as an intern here at 30 lines. In that time, I have become knowledgeable about more than I ever thought possible with digital. The field requires that we stay up to date and plugged in to the zeitgeist, and part of staying plugged in means getting out of […]

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  • android-devices

    Responsible Responsive Design: Images

    One of the biggest issues with responsive design is the optimization and handling of images. If you’ve seen a responsive site, you know that images tend to squeeze down with the browser as it gets smaller. That’s all well and good, but if you’re viewing a picture of your cat on a mobile browser, it […]

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  • The Apartment Marketer's Guide to Google Analytics

    Hangout Recap: The Apartment Marketer’s Guide To Google Analytics

    During our first 30th with 30 Lines Hangout, Mike Whaling shared some tips for making the most of Google Analytics. Although it offers lots of great stats about your website’s traffic, Analytics out of the box is not set up to provide the information you need to be a more effective marketer. Fortunately, there are […]

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