Quora and Why Answering Questions is Good Business

QuoraIf you’re looking for the “it” social media site of the moment, it’s apparently Quora. Named one of ten “websites to watch in 2011,” Quora is described as “a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it.” People post questions, and other people answer them. A whole bunch of cool features make the process more social and keep things interesting. It’s worth a look … especially if you want to reach tech reporters or social
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Mike Whaling

Pay attention to your customers ... most of the time, they know more about your brand than you do.

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  • http://www.thetrainingfactor.com/ Jonathan Saar

    I have been paying attention to the buzz around the site and visited it a couple of times. Of course there are always mixed reviews and lots of opinions out there. I still see such a gap in people and technology especially in multifamily. What I am looking to investigate is what will a platform like this do for a variety of different businesses? How will the hospitality industry vs the online marketing community use this and leverage it? That will be something interesting to pay attention to. Thanks for the article Mr Mike. I always appreciate the clear approach you bring.

    • http://mikewhaling.com Mike Whaling

      Great questions and comments, Jonathan … thanks for stopping by. If people jump on Quora and start asking questions about the best neighborhoods in Atlanta for singles, then it’s probably a good tool for someone trying to market apartments in that area. But if most of the questions focus on the latest technology trends, it might not be the best place for that person to invest their time. The opportunity is there for a tool like this to become a useful repository for information of all kinds … it’s on us to make sure we’re there using it effectively if it goes mainstream with our target audience.

      My other thought with a tool like this is using it as a place to build a user-curated FAQ. Why couldn’t a local hotel lead the pack by starting conversations about the locals’ favorite happy hour spots or the most-underrated festivals in their town? It comes down to resources available, but creating interesting content like this also builds brand awareness — people talk about you when you can get them talking about something that captures their interest.

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