Comment on Your Brand’s Facebook Page as Yourself

How do I leave a comment on my brand’s Facebook Page as myself, not as the Page?

I’ve been getting this question a bit more often lately, so I figured it might be easiest just to share it here.

FacebookFirst, being able to switch how you use Facebook is a handy feature that has been available to Page admins for several months now. Previously, anytime an admin of a page left a status update or a comment on the page, the comment would look like it came from the brand, not from

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Mike Whaling

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  • CharityHisle

    I comment on my page as myself and on my clients pages as the page and/or myself… depending on the situation. Am I representing the business or is this my personal opinion? I go back and forth so frequently I have to check prior to posting to be sure who I “am.” :)

    I often advise my clients with multiple admins to comment as themselves to avoid confusion. At the very least, tag the end of the post with your name.

    • Mike Whaling

      Great point, Charity. It’s important to consider what’s most appropriate for the situation. And I feel your pain about how easy it can be to forget how you’re logged in!

  • Libby Krah

    Thanks for explaining this! I’m not currently managing any pages, but this question comes in from clients and colleagues (and colleagues’ clients!) a lot. Very helpful!

    • Mike Whaling

      Glad to help. Thanks for stopping by, Libby!

  • Jonathan Saar

    Great tips Mike. Thanks for putting this together.  I am stilling playing around with the pages when acting as my page.  Hoping to start being able to leverage some impact soon. 

    • Mike Whaling

      Heh, I’d say you’ve already made an impact, my friend. I think this feature is perfect for what you’re doing since you’ve made some wonderful personal connections with your audience. Keep up the great work on your page!

  • Jamie Favreau

    Thanks for the help. 

  • Annet

    Very good to know.  Any idea why I can’t post on our page as the page/business at all? Was working up until a week ago. Now I can’t post at all. I think what you’ve done here will have to be my work around – sometimes good to post as the business, other times more personal. thanks for any info.

    • Mike Whaling

      Hi Annet, my guess is that your page is using the newer settings for editing. On your page, look over in the right column under Admins … do you see an option to “Use Facebook as Page?” Click that, then you should be able to post as the page. 

      Let me know if that works. If not, send me an email to — we’ll do what we can to help you out. Good luck!

  • Trever Jones

    When I try that I click save and a message pops up that says “settings saved” but then the box is checked again.  So basically I can’t uncheck that box.  Any Ideas?