Four Simple Steps to Eliminating Waste and Increasing Conversion on Social Media

Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryThere’s a scene at the beginning of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where an entire warehouse of women unwrap box after box of candy bars in search of a Golden Ticket. After weeks of searching, the factory owner’s bratty daughter – Veruca Salt – finally gets her wish (“But I want a ticket nooowwww, Daddy!”) when an assembly line worker hits the jackpot and uncovers a winning ticket.

Many organizations approach social media in a similar fashion.

“The more followers we have,

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Matthew Russo

Matt is the head of Design & Product Development at 30 Lines and co-founder of, a daily service that helps small businesses find new leads and engage with customers on social media in five minutes a day. When he's not helping develop digital strategies for 30 Lines or blogging about business systems, you can find him playing the guitar or reading a good book.

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