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Apartment Companies: Open Your Doors To Instagram

Instagram is not just for selfies anymore. With more than 200 million active users, Instagram is becoming a go-to hub for marketers to promote their brands on social media, and it’s no surprise that apartment companies are getting in on the action. Companies such as Reside Living and Contemporary Management Concepts have already scoped out Instagram’s potential and what […]


The 2014 FIFA World Cup Widget Explained

A few weeks ago, I released a widget that displays World Cup data highlights in a WordPress sidebar, and I’d like to tell you how it works. As an avid futbol (soccer!) fan and citizen of the Internet, I came across an awesome World Cup API for accessing live data on the 2014 FIFA World […]

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How To Create A Custom Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics allows business owners to get consistently accurate and up-to-date information about their digital presence. This tool is infinitely helpful, but new users are often shell-shocked by the massive amount of data it offers. One way to simplify this process is to use custom Google Analytics Dashboards, which show pre-selected metrics based on specific dates […]

Royalty-Free Images for Your Website

Quality Assets: What Your Designer Needs to Transform Your Site from Zero to Hero

Congratulations. You’ve made the important decision to bring your website out of the past and transform it into something that better reflects your brand, makes the boss happy, and knocks the socks off your visitors. The good news is that you have the opportunity to create something that is beautiful, memorable, and functional. The challenge is […]

Make the right ask

Make the Right Ask

Does your website make the right ask? Every marketer should be creating strong calls to action on their website. But what does that actually mean? Have you ever stopped to look at what actions your prospects actually want to take on your site? Think about this scenario: A consumer is in the process of making […]