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Tour Zappos with 30 Lines

For those of you not familiar with Zappos, it is an online retailer of shoes, clothing, handbags, and accessories. Zappos also is well known for its company culture of providing extreme customer service. Here’s just one example of the Zappos company culture in action, as told by someone who has never even purchased anything from […]

#AptChat Recap

Thanks to a whole bunch of people (especially Lisa Trosien), the first #AptChat was a great success, with many industry professionals participating in the conversation. Consider this recap a high-level overview of the top tweets as we wandered through a variety of questions and topics related to social media and its use in the apartment […]

Follow? Fan? Are You For Real?

Lately I’m starting to see a lot of social buttons, widgets and feeds popping up on websites and blogs of all types. They all say basically the same thing … “Follow Me!” “Be our Fan!” “C’mon, you know you want to!” “Click this glossy icon, then click on more of our junk.” Stop it. Just […]

When You Listen, Customers Listen Back

Recently, BusinessWeek asked readers to submit their nominations for the “Voices of Innovation” in social media. Out of all the names that were submitted, they choose four individuals to profile, including Scott Monty from Ford, Beth Kanter from the Sharing Foundation and Noah Brier from Brand Tags. The fourth person profiled was Eric Brown, President […]

The Best Things in Life are Free

Web design software: Free Online marketing campaign: Free Long-distance calling: Free Running your small business for next to nothing: Priceless. If there’s one example above any other of an entrepreneur who has used free online tools to build his business, it’s Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary and his father own the Wine Library, a wine store located in Springfield, […]

Blogging for Your Business

Doterati held its first event — the Social Media Breakfast — yesterday, and it was great to see everyone who came out. Rob Williams from OrangeJack gave a great intro to all the various social media tools available, I said some things about the basics of blogging and the business case behind it, and Mark […]

Who Benefits?

Ok, I need some help with this one. I follow the trends in apartment marketing on a regular basis, so when Capture The Market started posted community videos on MySpace, I decided to subscribe to their future posts. That way I’d get to see all the great videos that they’re producing as soon as they’re […]

The Resident Portal as a Communication Hub

There’s no question that resident communications and retention are more important than ever. But the question is, “What is the most effective way to communicate with residents on their schedule?” Well, based on the fact that NMHC and others have found that 67% of residents prefer to be contacted online via email, it’s safe to assume that an online portal may be the […]