Applied AI for Multifamily

A ChatGPT Workshop | AIM 2023

To get the most out of the workshop:


Be logged in to ChatGPT

Create a free ChatGPT account. Be logged in and ready to go.


Come with a property in mind

At a minimum, you’ll want the city, neighborhood, the property website, and the link to your Google reviews

Pull up 2-3 comps

Have 2-3 local competitors in mind

Stick with ChatGPT 3.5

For today, stick with ChatGPT version 3.5. (4 is the newer version, but it only offers limited direct access.)

All of this happens in one chat

Keep all of the prompts in one continuous chat for the best results

Project 1: Measuring Up the Competition

Go to your subject property website, and copy the list of amenities.

Paste the reviews into a fresh ChatGPT conversation with a starter prompt:

Here is a list of amenities from [Your Property Name] in [Neighborhood/City, State]:
Repeat this process with the amenities for 2-3 competitor properties.

Now, go to your preferred review site (Google, Yelp, Apartment Ratings, etc.). Pull up your subject building and copy the last 10-15 reviews.

Paste the reviews into the same ChatGPT conversation with this prompt:

Here are reviews of [Your property name]
Let ChatGPT run, then enter the following prompt:
Based on the positive reviews for each property above, can you identify any unique positive keywords to add to these properties’ website copy or Google Ads?”
Now repeat the process using the negative reviews.
Based on the negative reviews at these properties, can you identify specific employee training that should be conducted to improve customer satisfaction?
Now, let’s create a table to organize our results. Enter the following prompt:
Using the information from the amenities and reviews above, create and complete a table with 5 rows, one for each of the apartment buildings located in .
Add multiple columns:
“Building Name” – List the Name
“Training Opportunity” – List the main opportunity for site team training
“Competitive Advantage” – Key feature that other properties don’t have
“Positive Keywords” – 5 Keywords to include in AdWords or website copy
“Building Rank” – Most desirable to rent at 1=most desirable 3=least desirable
Let’s wrap up by asking ChatGPT for more useful takeaways from the reviews. In your chat, ask the following prompt:
Are there any unmet needs [Insert your community name] could add as a competitive advantage?
We’re off to a great start! We’ve identified some positives that we should be promoting more and some training opportunities to improve. Now, let’s learn more about the customers we’re trying to attract to our community. On to Project 2!

Project 2: Audience Segments and Category-Related Needs

Now that we understand the product we are marketing, let’s focus on who we are marketing to.

We all know when you market to everybody, you market to nobody. Let’s work on clearly defined audience categories (that also don’t cause any unwanted Fair Housing concerns).

Let’s start with the following prompt:

Create a segmentation of apartment renters located in based on their unique and differentiated needs. Explain each through their motivations to rent and a unique apartment living moment that defines their week.
Hopefully, this is off to a good start for you. Let’s keep going:
Produce a category-related needs audience segmentation for people renting (luxury, affordable, garden-style, repurposed, micro-studios, etc.). Five to seven segments. Give each one a snappy title. Give specific examples and innovative ideas for specific initiatives [Insert Your Property Name] could do to better meet the needs of that renter segment
Choose the audience segments you like/agree with.

Now, we’re going to let ChatGPT know which ones you want to know more about with the following prompt:

What are four things an apartment community in could do to better meet the needs of each of the following audience segments: Segment 1, Segment 2, Segment 3, Segment 4. Explain why each idea will work for that given segment based on their underlying needs.
Here’s one point where your brainpower is needed. Review what ChatGPT has created for you so far – verify that it’s accurate, and correct anything that needs to be corrected. You can tell ChatGPT which parts need to be adjusted (and how) right in your chat.

Now it’s time for some brainstorming. Enter this prompt:

For each segment, list five innovative ways to market to them. Please give ideas that speak uniquely to their motivations for renting.
Let’s organize these ideas:
Complete a table with five rows, one for each of the four audience segments listed: Segment 1, Segment 2, Segment 3, Segment 4. Add multiple columns:
1. “Name” – A name, emoji, and description of the typical audience member (defined by their underlying apartment-related needs)
2. “Category-Related Needs” – List the audience segment’s five unique category-related needs
3. “Unmet Needs” – List of 2-5 unmet needs unique to this audience segment
4. “Event” – One event the new apartment building could host to attract this audience segment
5. “Amenities” – Three to five amenities that will attract the specific audience segment

Project 3: Six-Month Social Media Posting Calendar

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content that you feel like you need to create, especially when it comes to social media posts for your properties?

ChatGPT is here to help!

Through the first two projects, you now have target audiences and specific ideas for ways to market to them. Now we’re going to create specific social posts that align with those marketing concepts. GoNo more “go post more to social” without providing some direction that gives your team confidence about what to post

Draft six months of social media posts introducing [ENTER YOUR BUILDING NAME] and its features and benefits to our target segments:
* 1/5th of the posts targeting [Segment 1]
* 1/5th of the posts targeting [Segment 2]
* 1/5th of the posts targeting [Segment 3]
* 1/5th of the posts targeting [Segment 4]
* 1/5th of the posts targeting [Segment 5]

Remember to use emojis and hashtags

We’ve barely scratched the surface…

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