Meetup at AIM

How can you implement the concepts you’re learning at AIM without spending thousands of dollars on ad campaigns or tying up your marketing budget with tools and technology that require long-term commitments? We’ll show you!


Monday, March 2nd-Wednesday, May 4th

Tell us what time you’d like to meet in the comments section, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Get more out of your marketing with 30 Lines:

Get a digital marketing audit.

Meet with us at AIM, pick any community of your choice, and our team of experts will dig in from a marketing, analytical and technical perspective. We’ll review your overall online presence and give you honest and critical feedback that includes easy changes you can make on your own to improve your traffic numbers and conversion rates and, most importantly, give your apartment shoppers an even better online experience that leads to more rentals for your teams.

Implement new, inexpensive tools to get your marketing flowing better.

Instead of buying more advertising or creating yet another marketing campaign for your communities, start connecting your current marketing efforts and campaigns together— better. So they compliment each other.


We can show you how to:


Give apartment shoppers the ability to schedule their own tour appointments right from your website


Capture more of your website visitors before they click out and leave your site, and before they ever get to your “contact us” button or form, giving your leasing teams additional ways to follow up and get that sale


Take the ILS leads you’re already getting and move them out of the marketplace —where they can see your competition— and get them into your marketing channels, where you can tell them more about your location, drive them to your website, and create more opportunities for lead follow up.


Remarket to people who’ve already seen you and shown interest in your community. Take your “warm” leads and create more top of mind awareness for your community by using smart email and social advertising campaigns.


Nurture and nudge every apartment customer into a committed rental by using specific and strategic messaging sequences that match how a customer searches and shops— and where they are in each phase of that process


Implement all of these ideas for less than $400 per month with no contract— ever. We think the results will speak for themselves

Mike Whaling

Mike Whaling


Give us 30 minutes of your time and we’ll give you a free digital marketing audit + ideas to help make you a marketing mastermind!

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