Respond to every lead, instantly.

Answer the most pressing questions of current and prospective renters instantly, with the opportunity to pass communication to a leasing professional at any point.

Facilitating an always-on experience for renters.

Our multifamily chatbot service can instantly engage with residents and prospects 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Running on the backbone of Facebook Messenger, the service integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and predetermined rules to simulate natural human conversation. Plus, anywhere you can share a link, you can start a chat. Therefore, your 30 Lines Chatbot doesn’t just reside on your apartment website.

Today, response time matters.

Renters expect immediate responses to their inquiries. How long does it take your leasing team to respond to a prospective renter online? Now, imagine how many properties the prospect will research and contact within that time frame. If just one of those competing properties responds more quickly, they win the lead – not you.

More conversations, more signed leases.

The longer the technology runs, the smarter it becomes. Instantly, however, you’ll reduce the number of leads missed by your leasing team. In fact, each time an individual interacts with a 30 Lines Chatbot, lead information is captured and seamlessly passed into your ​​lead management system for accurate attribution.

Gone are the days when leasing consultants spend hours monitoring social media and other digital channels to generate responses to repeated renter inquiries. Instead, let your apartment chatbot handle the initial lines of communication, passing more nurtured leads to your leasing team.

Where’s the proof?

Apartment marketers – like you! – are already strategically using a multifamily chatbot to net more digital leads and create an engaging experience for their prospects and residents. For example, one team deployed a 30 Lines Chatbot on their property website, and ultimately integrated the tool with their social media advertising strategy. Over the course of 30 days with a Facebook ad budget of $150 and a call-to-action of “Message us,” the property generated the following results:

ad clicks

average cost per lead

prospects messages

cost per high-interest lead

Let’s chat through our multifamily chatbot’s capabilities.

24/7 Response

Renters don’t have to wait for your office to open to receive a response from your team

Your Digital Leasing Agent

Mirrors the same conversation and relationship-building experience of chatting with a leasing professional

Share a Link, Initiate a Chat

Accessible from anywhere you can share a link – beyond your property’s website

Accurate Lead Attribution

Eases the ability to track prospect interactions from any digital channel, including social media

Starts the Conversation

Seamlessly handles the transition to a leasing professional at any time

Ask for Reviews

Gathers resident ratings and reviews from anywhere you can share a link – beyond your property’s website

Connect with Apartment Marketing Tools

Integration capabilities include lead management systems, websites, social media advertisements, email marketing campaigns, Facebook Messenger campaigns, and more

Pick a Plan that Works for Your Apartment Marketing Team

Engage with your audience instantly. Welcome 30 Lines Chatbot to your leasing team, and then continue leveraging this multifamily tool as it continues to evolve, with no long-term contractual commitment.

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