Is your website working for you?

Knowing your marketing tech stack is the first step to knowing how to make the most out of it. Website Audits are a great way to find ways to improve your number one digital marketing tool. Similar to a property shopping report, a website audit measures where your site is performing well and where you can easily make adjustments so that you’re capturing the MOST leads and leases from what truly is, your online leasing office.

By auditing your website once or twice a year, you’ll be ensuring that your website is found by the most qualified prospects on Google and you’ll be creating a more remarkable shopping experience for them. A website that is properly maximized will always lead to an increase in both leads and conversions. Even small mistakes when it comes to the functionality or content of your website can lead to a significant amount of lost revenue.

Want to ensure that all of your other marketing tools are performing to above-standard? A review of your website analytics can help you prove what’s working and what’s not – so you can make smarter marketing decisions. So, before you spend more marketing dollars on traffic generation, audit your website and confidently be able to say that it’s not leaking leads.

We know that determining what to review can get overwhelming. Especially if ‘tech’ isn’t your thing. That’s why we made a free checklist, where you can easily reference the most critical components of strong website performance . We included all the tools and metrics that will help you personally determine if your website is working for you the way it should be. Your website can be your number one digital marketing tool. Let’s make sure it’s ready to lease more apartments for you. 


Still not confident you can take this on yourself (or maybe you just don’t have the time)? We’d love to help! Our website audit service takes a thorough look at your website, including all of the technical components and analytics, then includes a comprehensive summary of our findings and list of easy fixes you can make, so that your website becomes your top performing leasing agent. And don’t worry, we’ll walk through all of the results with you in an easy-to-digest format that makes sense to even the most tech-challenged apartment professionals (yes, we speak leasing, manager, marketing and even operations and maintenance).

Want more insight about website audits and why they are an important part of site maintence? Check out this blog post from 30 Line’s own Senior Manager of Marketing Analytics, Aric Billings. Aric developed our Website Audit Service along with our free audit checklist and has a lot more to say about the power of a good website.