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30% Off Chatbots

30 Day Free Texting Campaign

Capture & Convert Kit Special

Chatbots | 30% Off

Only $70/month – no contract required

Speed to the Lead: Respond first (24/7/365) and win the lease every time, with a custom chatbot

A chatbot is a service that runs on a messaging platform (such as Facebook messenger) and uses artificial intelligence and rules to chat with prospects and residents on your behalf. It can act as a leasing agent, working to help a prospective resident find the perfect floorplan and solving their questions and objections in order to get them one step closer to becoming a tour and a rental or, it can be used to answer common resident questions about paying rent, submitting maintenance requests and more – even when your leasing office is closed.

Unlike traditional chat tools, a chatbot doesn’t require your team to “man” it – or to manually enter lead information from the chat tool into your software system. The chatbot mirrors the same experience customers would get when chatting with a live leasing agent (saving manpower hours and reducing the number of leads missed by the on-site team). And, it responds to all customers immediately and 24/7. Prospects and residents do not have to wait until the office opens to get a response from the team.

30 day case study:

Ad clicks

Prospect messages

Average session

Cost per lead

In addition,

  • Any messages or questions that cannot be answered by the bot will be handed over to the Facebook page admins right away, to provide a seamless customer service experience
  • Customers can choose to chat with a live on-site representative at any time and “leave” the bot communication (again, allowing the customer to communicate on their terms)
  • The chatbots are easy to set up and leads from the chatbot can be pushed directly into property software/CMS systems (Entrata, MaxLeases, Yardi, etc.), giving the on-site teams the ability to track prospects and leads that originate from social platforms
  • Prospects can also link to and connect with the chatbot from the property website.

Drive By Texting | 30 Day Free Trial

30 Day Free Campaign – no contract required

Need to capture more prospects who are walking or driving by your property or neighborhood on a daily basis and get them to call, tour and rent?

Sign up for a free trial of our wildly successful drive by texting service. Our most recent campaign brought in 39 leads in 30 days for only $25 total marketing spend.

30 day case study:

Leads in 30 days


Cost per lead

Leads per day

Choose a keyword and call to action of your choice, utilize your keyword and texting code (for example “Text 30Lines to 88000) on signage (bandit signs, banners, a-frames) or other marketing materials and give prospects an immediate and easy way to learn more about your community (without forcing them to memorize your telephone number). Then, watch your email for text alerts and leads from prospects who are interested in your community. Prospects who text in will get an instant reply, with direct links to your website, a landing page, your social pages or other marketing channel(s) of your choice. Plus, send a secondary message that entices them to give their email address (which now gives your team multiple ways to follow up and work the lead, so they can turn it into a rental).

Capture & Convert Kit

$299/month plus only $150 to set up (usually $300) – no contract required

Have you been wanting to give marketing automation a try, but weren’t quite sure where to start? Try our Capture and Convert Kit, which includes three marketing conversion tools for just $299/month.

30 day average results:

Increase your conversion rates by 40%+
Capture lost leads your on-site team is missing out on
Nurture and nudge your customers to make the sale, with 6+ more touch points than usual

The Capture and Convert Kit by 30 Lines will help you convert more of the traffic you’re already getting into highly qualified leads. Don’t spend another dime beefing up your advertising until you’ve seen what this can do to help you build a smarter, more efficient marketing system.

Leads per month


Conversion rate


Response rate

Three awesome tools. One incredible deal.

  • Lease Magnet: A smart website pop up (optimized for mobile and meets all Google guidelines) that helps you capture more prospects — instead of relying on them to find and use your “contact us” page or button. We create customized opportunities for you to showcase coupons, incentives, or other exclusive offers and competitive advantages to your website visitors, while capturing their email addresses, so you can continue to build your audience and re-market to them with customized campaigns. Each pop-up is custom designed with brand standards that match your company and community’s image and ad copy that creates urgency and incentivizes all of those warm leads to truly take action. Try it for 30 days and see how our clients are averaging 40 new leads per month!
  • Launchpad: With Launchpad, we’ll instantly take your leads from any ILS and add them into your email list and your social advertising audiences, so you can get those leads out of the marketplace where they can see your competition … and get them into your marketing channels, where you can show them everything you want to share about your location, drive more traffic to your website, and create more opportunities for stronger lead follow-up. Works with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more!
  • 6-part Email Drip Series: The customer journey goes smoother when you pave a path for them to follow.That’s why we’ve created custom email sequences designed to give apartment hunters the property and community information they need to make an informed decision. The sequences take into account where a prospect expressed interest, whether they’ve taken a tour and whether they’re interested in one property or several, and feature messages appropriate for each scenario. Apartment marketing messages should match how a customer shops— and where they are in each phase of the process. Look. Learn. Lease. And our email lead nurturing is the perfect way to nudge those leads into committed rentals. With real-time reporting an analytics, it’s easy to see the valuable results of your campaign.

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