4 Easy Ways To Grow Your Email List

by Jan 25, 2016Blog, Email

With 42% of businesses saying email marketing is one of their most effective lead generation tools, it’s clear that email, when used properly, can be the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to your digital marketing efforts.

Just one email address subscribed to your list can provide numerous opportunities to amplify your marketing.

Start with a Solid Foundation

First things first— if you’re looking to grow your email list, you need to have good emails.

If you’re sending emails with weak calls-to-action, robotic language, and poor design (yes, unfortunately I still see companies out there sending emails with WordArt), then you might want to consider this the most important first step to growing your list.

Emails that consistently feature solid, responsive design, personable language, and clear CTAs will put you well on your way to growing your list, while retaining the subscribers you already have.

Of course, there’s more to email than just being really, really ridiculously good looking…

Become a Trusted Resource

An easy way to build a following is to make the information you send of value— something that your readers will appreciate, look forward to, learn from, and possibly rely on to some degree.

For example, if marketing apartments is your forte, you’re probably already sending email blasts with apartment information, promotions, etc. to get prospects to sign a lease.

Sure, selling your product is important. But why not try to build that customer relationship even further by positioning yourself as an expert at more than just selling apartments?

Local neighborhood guides, restaurant/bar recommendations, moving tips, apartment decorating ideas, and budgeting advice for renters are just a few kinds of content that will take your email marketing from drab to fab.

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Opt-Ins, Pop-Ups & Website Optimization

Pop-ups are your best friend.

You might be thinking that pop-ups are irritating, distracting, or even spammy. 

Typically, visitors are not going to go out of their way to subscribe to your list. That’s why having clear and enticing sign-up sections across each page of your website is very important; they increase the chances that someone will opt in.

Plus, email opt-ins on different sections of your site will help you target your marketing efforts. By using the pages they visited as a guide, you can segment your email lists and tailor your content so subscribers get the information that’s most interesting to them.

Incentivize, Incentivize, Incentivize!

Pairing your opt-ins and alternative marketing efforts with incentives can be just the oomph you need to get people to pull the trigger on subscribing to your list.

Most of the time, people will be more than willing to give you their information if it means they will be getting access to something of value in return, such as free dashboards, checklists, whitepapers and discounts.

So that’s it! Four easy ways to help grow your email subscriber list today.

With these building blocks, creating a larger audience doesn’t have to be hard work. (But it will be an ongoing process of trial and error.)

Remember, email marketing is not a simple two-way street between marketers and their customers. It is a powerful tool with the capability to turn your subscribers into loyal followers.

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