Acceleration vs. Innovation- Amenities

by Jun 17, 2020Blog, Innovation

In the last 90 days, marketers in the multifamily industry are flocking to new ideas, excited about the changes that are happening. People are calling it “innovation” but really these solutions have been sitting on the wayside, begging to be integrated. The impact that COVID-19 has had on the industry hasn’t created disruption or innovation, it has simply accelerated marketing and business tactics that were long overdue. From online tour scheduling to virtual tours, those were low-hanging fruit that didn’t feel urgent or important to implement. But now nearly 70% of apartment marketers that we polled have implemented one or the other (or both) since the pandemic, citing that it was something they’ve wanted to do all along.

With that said, where does innovation lie for the multifamily industry? Amenities. In the last several years amenities have taken an accelerated trajectory so they’re ripe for innovation now. From fitness centers to dog yoga. From greenspace to community gardens. From community rooms to rooftop gathering spaces, amenities have climbed at a dramatic rate. However, dog yoga, community gardens, and rooftop gathering spaces challenge social distancing mandates. These might not be the selling points they were a year ago. 

What are the top amenities that renters are craving that are timeless and innovative at the same time?

Safety and community. 

This might mean reserved spots at the pool to ensure safe numbers for a social gathering.

This might mean limiting the number of people in the fitness facility at any given time. 

This might mean COVID-19 antibody tests instead of meal delivery services. 

This might mean taking a more proactive approach to connecting with your residents

Amenities have accelerated significantly over the last several years, now is the time to innovate. Think differently about what you offer while finding a way to give your residents what they need to feel safe and connected. 

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