10 Marketing Messages That Convert (Without Offering Free Rent)

Apr 4, 2019Apartment Marketing, Blog, Conversion Optimization, Pop-ups

Can you inspire prospects to take action without offering free rent? YES!

As marketers, this means we’ve got to work hard to capture – and keep – the customer’s attention. Of course, a beautiful website with visually appealing videos, stunning photography, and eye-catching amenities can help. But the ultimate goal is to capture the prospect’s contact information.

How? By incorporating an intelligent pop-up (at 30 Lines, we refer to this as a Lease Magnet) on your website. A lease magnet is a navigation and interruption tactic and can be placed on any page of your site (many marketers use it on a home page). It works to call out a critical marketing message while capturing the prospect’s contact information.


Here are ten multifamily marketing messages that increase conversions and engagement – without offering apartment shoppers free rent.


1. Want Our Best Rate?
Call to Action: Yes
Use a “Yes/No” to grab initial interest and convert more prospects.

30 Lines Lease Magnet - Blue Lines Loft - Want our best rate?

2. Ready To Tour?
Call to Action: Schedule a Tour
Connect to an online tour scheduler or collect their contact information to schedule.

3. New property? Build your waitlist.
Call to Action: Join the List
Build your list before your property opens. Existing property?

By adding a pop-up with a smart marketing message, a client doubled their website conversion rate. They also saw increased engagement on the email marketing campaign in conjunction with their Lease Magnet.

4. Showcase Floorplans
Call to Action: Contact Me
Highlight a floorplan and get prospects interested in and ready to tour.

30 Lines Lease Magnet - Blue Lines Loft - Floorplan

5. Limited Availability
Call to Action: Get Details
Only a few floorplans remaining? Get those leased with a bright image and messaging.

30 Lines Lease Magnet - Blue Lines Loft - Limited Availability

6. Hard Hat Tours / Virtual Tours
Call to Action: Reserve Your Spot
This is a great option to consider if your community is still under construction. Take advantage of the initial buzz your property receives during development and get apartment shoppers into your marketing channel as early as possible. 

7. Get the Best Rate
Call to Action: Get Details
Another message tailored around exclusivity – see a trend! Your rates may fluctuate; offer the best competitive rate you can through email.

30 Lines Lease Magnet - Blue Lines Loft - Rates

8. Gift with Purchase
Call to Action: Claim Now
You can add more to your bottom line without discounting the rate or running a promotion by offering intelligent digital devices with a signed lease. 

30 Lines Lease Magnet - Blue Lines Loft

9. Highlight Amenities
Call to Action: Notification Bar
Our example acts as a part of your website navigation and a low-cost approach to showcasing amenities without changing your website navigation. 

10. Interrupt with Text Only
Call to Action: Send me Info
You may have invested in community photography and want to show it off. Use your pop-up to interrupt your website experience and images with clean text.

Are you running a Lease Magnet or website pop-up on your site? Try incorporating one of the above messages into your copy and watch your conversion rates increase. We see that multifamily marketers who use this technology average 40 more leads per month. If you’re not already using a tool like this to capture more information, you should be. 

Not sure which message will work best for your target audience? No problem! Choose two versions that will resonate best with your prospects and set up A/B testing on your website pop-up.

What are your go-to marketing lines to get customers taking action – without offering a discount or concession? We’d love to hear from you.

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