10 Marketing Messages That Inspire Prospects to Take Action (Without Offering Free Rent)

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It’s no secret that multifamily prospects complete a considerable amount of research when determining their rental options. In fact, according to Google, most review 19.2 different sources before making their final decision to rent.

As marketers, this means we’ve got to work hard to capture – and keep – the customer’s attention. Of course, a beautiful website with visually appealing videos, stunning photography, and eye-catching amenities can help. But the ultimate goal is to capture the prospect’s contact information.

Email addresses are like currency when it comes to marketing and the earlier you can collect that information, the better. Not only can you and your team follow up and work the lead faster, but if you have an email address, you can instantly drop those prospects into other marketing campaigns, such as retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram or email drip campaigns. That way your community is always top of mind at every step of their search.

Crafting the right marketing message is the secret to getting more prospects to opt in to your marketing list. If the message isn’t compelling, if there isn’t something in it for them, if it creates friction for them in their search process, you’ll immediately lose them.

Can you inspire prospects to take action without offering free rent or concessions? YES!

How? By incorporating a smart pop-up (at 30 Lines we refer to this as a Lease Magnet) on your website. This tool can be placed on any page of your site (many marketers use it on a home page), and it works to call out a critical marketing message while capturing the prospect’s contact information.


Here are 10 multifamily marketing messages that increase conversions and engagement – without offering apartment shoppers free rent or other concessions.

1. Looking for new apartment? Get the 10 questions you should ask when taking a tour.
Call to Action: Send Now
The customer will then receive an email autoresponder with a PDF document of 10 questions the apartment shopper should ask on a tour. This inspires customers to take action because you’re offering something valuable and relevant to them – something that will make their apartment search easier.  

2. Join our Weekly Webinar: “Everything You Need to Know About Renting in Dallas”
Call to Action: Reserve Your Spot
Offer customers the option to learn about fees, rules, and lease options. Give them a set time they can ask all the questions they want, as well as the opportunity to log in from their phone or computer.

3. Our VIP members save more. Earn exclusive discounts on 20+ shopping, dining, and entertainment venues located right in our neighborhood. 
Call to Action: Sign Up Here
This message gives your team the opportunity to deliver an automated email into the prospect’s inbox with their offer, such as a coupon for a local coffee shop or discounted rate on tickets for a local concert venue. Establishing local partnerships is a great way to show off your neighborhood and have a positive impact on surrounding businesses.

By adding a pop-up with a smart marketing message, Flats at Fishers more than doubled their website conversion rate. Overall, they collected 113 more leads in less than six months.

They also saw a 70% open rate on the email marketing campaign they ran in conjunction with their Lease Magnet.

Think about this. If they converted half those leads to tours, that’s 56 more people taking a tour than usual. If they converted 40% of those who toured to rentals, they would have captured about 23 new rentals over seven months. And if their average rent is $900, and they rented three apartments per month, that’s $248,000 in revenue for a total marketing spend of $350 in seven months.

4. Join us for a live video tour, right from your phone. Every Thursday at noon and 5 p.m.
Call to Action: Sign Up
You can also inform the audience that you’ll remind them, so they don’t miss out. An automated email message can be scheduled for 15 minutes before the live video session is expected to begin.

5. Join our VIP list and be the first to know about special events, offers, and incentives. 
Call to Action: Join Now
Joining the list gives customers a sense of exclusivity. Everyone wants to be the first to know when new initiatives are rolling out, and this message caters to that desire.

6. Hard Hat Tours Begin July 2019
Call to Action: Reserve Your Spot
This is a great option to consider if your community is still under construction. Take advantage of the initial buzz your property is receiving during development and get apartment shoppers into your marketing channel as early as possible. That way when you’re ready to start pushing more leasing initiatives, you have an audience ready to market to.

7. Sign up for exclusive offers, reserved only for our VIPs. 
Call to Action: Join the Club (It’s Free!)
Another message tailored around exclusivity – see a trend! Try creating a sense of ownership amongst the audience early in the process. In this case, it’s a low-risk opportunity for them to receive potentially higher rewards in the exclusive offers available.

8. Get the best rates, right to your inbox. 
Call to Action: Sign Up
This message creates some flexibility in how your team can respond. You could set up an automated email response that pushes particular floor plans or units that your leasing team is trying to move. Then, you can update that response on a routine basis.

9. Win an Amazon Echo for Your New Apartment! Sign Up Before April 15. 
Call to Action: Enter Now
A prime example of a low-cost option with a potential for a significant reward. If just one of those opt-ins signs a lease, it’s worth the initial investment in an inexpensive giveaway.

10. Need some personalized help with your apartment search? Let us help! Our relocation specialist will contact you within 24 hours.
Call to Action: Contact Us
The copy and tone of the message you’re trying to display matters. Consider the different feeling this message would give off if it ended with, “Our leasing agent will contact you.” By using the phrase “relocation specialist,” this message connects to the “personalized help” the apartment shopper is seeking at this stage in their search. 

Are you running a Lease Magnet or smart pop-up on your site? If so, try incorporating one of the above messages into your copy and watch your conversion rates increase. If you’re not already using a tool like this to capture more leads, you should be. We see that multifamily marketers who use this technology average 40 more leads per month. 

If you’re looking to learn more about creating impactful website pop-ups, we recently covered the topic more in-depth on our 30 Lines blog

Not sure which message will work best for your target audience? No problem! Choose two messages you think will resonate best with your prospects and set up A/B testing on your website pop-up.

A/B testing allows you to test two different marketing messages, simultaneously. When A/B testing is triggered, customers are randomly shown message “A” or “B” when visiting your site. This gives you an opportunity to then measure metrics for each message so you can determine which performed better. Eventually, you can switch to only using the marketing message that achieved the best results or highest opt-in numbers.

What are your go-to marketing lines to get customers taking action – without offering a discount or concession? We’d love to hear from you.

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