Flip Your Budget Part 2: Spread Love to Customer Service, Spend Less on Lead Generation

by Sep 12, 2018Apartment Marketing, Blog, Flip Your Budget

It may seem impossible to reduce your spend on lead generation without reducing the number of prospects walking through the door of your leasing office. Every time budget season rolls around, however, multifamily superheroes are faced with this seemingly unfeasible feat.

In the second episode of “Flip Your Budget,” 30 Lines’ Mike Whaling spreads some love to customer service, sharing how nurturing current residents can be a budget-friendly way to maximize return on your marketing spend. Instead of dishing out so many marketing dollars to lead generation, why not consider allocating funds to establish exceptional resident experiences?

Look, Learn, Lease, Love

At 30 Lines, we apply a behavior-based approach to apartment marketing, which we refer as ‘Look, Learn, Lease, Love.’ Each phase defines a step of the renter’s journey from start (when they begin their apartment search) to finish (when they share their experience as a happy resident). After taking time to review each step, and what the customer is trying to accomplish during that step, we can then pinpoint marketing tools, strategies, and data points that will have the greatest impact.

When it comes to providing exceptional customer experiences, we’re targeting the ‘love’ phase of the resident journey. This is when we’re focused on nurturing our existing residents to establish an experience they’ll want to share. Overall, the ‘love’ phase can have an enormous impact on each of the other phases of the customer journey, especially when prospects are gathering information and learning more about your property.

Now, Check Out Episode Two of “Flip Your Budget”

Mike will leave you with ways to get residents to not only love your brand, but also share their experience to drive more quality leads. He’ll share how flipping your budget to show residents more love can actually reduce your spend on lead generation.

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