Black Lives Matter

by Jun 12, 2020Blog, News, Team 30 Lines

Let’s be clear; racism crosses the line. Every time. No excuses.

Usually, we share multifamily news and information in our weekly emails and this blog, but there is much bigger news going on in the world. Over the past weeks, we’ve listened to the voices of the Black Lives Matter movement. We’ve donated to local causes focused on efforts to attack inequity. We’ve collaborated with local partners to give people of color more visibility to our career opportunities. In addition, we are continuously looking for ways to use the resources we have to contribute to the fight for equality.

We recognize that everybody tackles big challenges differently; some people get educated, some donate, some show their support, some stand up and protest. We respect whatever approach you take. Together, we all make a difference. 

At 30 Lines, one of our team values is Level Up. If you are looking for ways to take action and level up yourself and your community, here are more resources to help you identify racism, and work to help end it.

However you choose to advance the wellbeing of others, especially those who face systemic oppression, we support you. 

Work to change minds. Work to change the communities we live in. Work to change people’s circumstances.

Black Lives Matter.


–Mike Whaling and Team 30 Lines