Even More Ways to Use Your Website Pop-Up

by Apr 7, 2020Blog, Pop-ups

Everyone loves a good deal, and pop-ups can offer more than promoting a month of free rent. We covered pop-up messaging options in our blog “10 Marketing Messages That Inspire Prospects to Take Action (Without Offering Free Rent).” And we are back to giving you, even more, messaging options along with a few new ways to take advantage of the power of pop-ups. 

From essential list building to delivering important messages here are some of our favorite pop-up strategies:

1. Crisis Communication

Pop-ups are more than just lead collection machines. They are incredibly effective at getting a message in front of prospects and residents. Pop-up banners, slide-ins, and even the traditional lightbox can serve as important message delivery on your website. When a crisis arises, timely communication is paramount, and pop-ups can help bridge the communication gaps between your team and your customers. We know that managing your team, residents, and prospects during a crisis can be an impossible task. We’ve created a list of resources, tools, and suggestions to help your business navigate the current situation in our country during the COVID-19 breakout. You can find these resources on our dedicated Crisis Communications Resources page. Here are 30 Lines. 

2. Nudge

We all need a little push from time to time. We know that COVID-19 is at the top of everyone’s mind right now and rightly so. A pop-up to nudge prospects to take a tour from a floorplans page can be that extra push they need to take action. Using a slide-in animation with messaging saying “ready to tour?” is a non-intrusive way to encourage more conversions. Shifting those tours from in-person to video or virtual tours is a great way to cater to prospects’ needs.

3. Amenity Tours

Go to the next level of apartment tours with a tour of your amenities. Property amenities can be just as important to apartment shoppers as the unit they rent. Offering an amenity tour via live video or youtube video gives you a leg up. And when you put this messaging as a pop-up on your amenities page, you target those most likely to sign up.

4. Availability Notification

In today’s world of instant gratification, notifications for availability appeal to apartment shoppers. Set up a pop-up asking for a prospect’s preferred unit type and tell them they’ll be the first to know when it becomes available. Strategically placed on a specific floorplan page and triggered when they exit creates a compelling message individualized to each prospect.


5. List Building and Automation

Pop-ups are great for converting prospects and helping you to qualify more leads. 

You can take full advantage of this list by setting up automated emails based on the messaging in the pop-up. Deliver on your pop-up offer; trigger an email with the link to that video tour or a tour confirmation. Want a free follow-up email template? Get it from our blog, “The Emails You Should Be Sending.”  

After that initial follow-up, keep the lead interested by nurturing them with the information they would find the most useful about the property. Neighborhood hot spots, resident events and benefits, and move-in tips are engaging email topics.

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