foursquareThere’s a lot of buzz around location-based applications right now, and one of the services at the head of this pack is a mobile application called Foursquare.

Foursquare allows users to earn points by “checking in” at various locations around town. Users can connect with their friends from Facebook and Twitter, and the user who checks in at a location the most over a 60-day period can become the “Mayor” of that location. (Here’s how Foursquare describes some of their opportunities for businesses.)

But what if you’re not a restaurant or coffee shop or bar or other venue ideally suited for a service like this? Are there still ways you can use a location app like Foursquare for your business? Absolutely. Let’s take a look at how an apartment company could use Foursquare:

  • List your business location so it shows up in results when users are nearby.
  • Add unique tips and to-dos for local restaurants, retailers and other venues.
  • Track Mayor deals and check-in coupons for other businesses in the area, and post them on your website.
  • Get out in the neighborhood and help more businesses create their own Foursquare deals.
  • Create a referral special for Foursquare users, or offer a freebie for stopping by your leasing office.
  • Link your Foursquare account to Twitter, then check in around town to share local hidden gems with your network.
  • Encourage as many people in your community as possible to join Foursquare, then share their best tips and to-dos on your blog.
  • Offer a reserved parking spot to the “Mayor” of your community.
  • Use the “Shout” feature to let locals know about upcoming parties or other open events at your community.
  • Partner with a local coffee shop or bar to offer a special discount to their customers “brought to you by XYZ Apartments.”

What else would you add to the list? Are you using Foursquare? Have you tried it for your business?

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