The Nature of Nurture: How Lead Nurturing Emails Enhance Your Apartment Marketing

by Jan 15, 2016Apartment Marketing, Blog, Email

If you’re reading this, chances are you follow up with prospects through email.

You do this because savvy marketers know that email is one of the most effective means of communication. It’s personal and just about everyone uses it.

In fact…

Not to mention that 57% of email subscribers spend 10-60 minutes browsing marketing emails during the week.

To be among the emails that are actually read, yours have to have value. And when it comes to apartment hunters, one of the best ways to be valuable is to be a resource.

Be helpful.

There are two ways email is most commonly used at apartment communities today: to engage in direct one-on-one communication with a prospect or to send an eblast to a broad list of prospects.

The former is time consuming while the latter lacks personalization and, more importantly, is divorced from the shopping process.

Renters generally don’t visit a property website or take a tour, and immediately decide to sign a lease; they do their homework.

During their search, apartment hunters consider several factors: location, proximity to their workplace, shopping and entertainment, rent rates, pet policies and more. So to be helpful, you have to give them the information they want when they want it.

That’s where lead nurturing campaigns come in.

Essentially lead nurturing allows you to stay top of mind so you can earn a prospect’s business when they’re ready to buy (or, in your case, lease). And it works.

Emails that use lead nurturing get up to 10 times more responses compared to standalone email blasts.

For one of 30 Lines’ multifamily clients, we implemented a four-part drip campaign that increased engagement and conversions by 43.4%. And the average cost per lead was just $0.99.

The customer journey goes smoother when you pave the path for them to follow.

That’s why 30 Lines has created automated email sequences designed to give apartment hunters the property and community information they need to make an informed decision.

The sequences take into account where a prospect expressed interest (on your website or at the leasing office), whether they’ve taken a tour and whether they’re interested in one property or several, and feature messages appropriate for each scenario.

Have a look at this flow chart for a sequence of emails to prospects who visit your property website and complete a guest card:

Emails are triggered when the prospect takes action (or doesn’t).

Ultimately, these sequences —sent within the span of a week— create very qualified leads with minimal effort from your leasing team.

Got questions about lead nurturing? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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