Product News: RentPress Puts The Power Of Consumer Insights Back In Your Hands

by Jul 28, 2020Blog, Innovation, RentPress, SEO

30 Lines, a digital marketing agency, takes SEO and customer insights to the next level with their marquee software product for multifamily marketers, RentPress (

RentPress is a suite of marketing tools that creates a seamless and comprehensive experience for apartment marketers across websites, chatbots, email, and other digital marketing channels. 

The latest update is named after everyone’s favorite summer destination, the Beach. RentPress Beach focuses on analytics and SEO while giving you the free time to take that much-needed break. 

Earlier this year, the RentPress team brought us beautifully designed templates for the most important pages on your apartment marketing website including floor plan and search pages. With this release, you can easily track all of the conversions on those pages by connecting your Google Analytics account in one simple step. And with over 40 key call-to-action buttons you’ll never lose insight on how shoppers interact with your website. But it doesn’t stop there; you’ll also see how shoppers move through the buying process from start to finish. 

“With the addition of Google Analytics Event Tracking you can immediately see shopping trends across one property, a single city, or your entire portfolio,” says Aric Billings Senior Manager of Marketing Analytics at 30 Lines. 

“Does your website drive more leads from phone calls or guest cards? Are 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartments search for more frequently? What’s your most popular preferred employer? Answering those questions couldn’t be easier with this new integration.”

30 Lines knows that any marketer would embrace saving time while also getting more traffic to their website. RentPress now also includes Schema Markup that uses the information directly from your property management system and also updates as your feed updates. Schema allows websites to directly inform search engines, like Google, what they’re about. Not only does this boost your website’s SEO performance, it opens up a new dimension of organic search marketing as well. 


Learn more about Schema Markup: “What is Schema Markup? An Intro to Schema”


Patrick Laycock, Senior Manager of Digital Strategy at 30 Lines, says that RentPress takes the grunt work out of this SEO tool. 

“Before the onset of schema, search engines like Google relied purely on context and historical data to produce search results. By including dynamically updating schema in their templates, RentPress is making SEO and its advanced topics more accessible to apartment marketers everywhere.”

Installation takes only a few minutes on WordPress and requires no website development experience. Once installed, RentPress updates pricing and availability in real-time and effectively captures new leads, while helping apartment marketers better understand which advertising sources are most effective. 

Additionally, the product is positioned at an attainable price point. “We wanted to make it easy to use, but also easy to afford,” Ryan March RentPress Product Manager. “Our goal is to make the online apartment shopping experience as frictionless as possible for everybody–so we wanted to make sure it could fit property budgets at all levels. Every member of the 30 Lines team has touched this product, and we are all excited to help our customers lease more apartments.”

RentPress set up is $150 and has a base price of $50 per month, and $5 per month per property. To find out more about RentPress or check out an online demo, go to

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Created in 2012, RentPress is a marketing software platform designed specifically for the multifamily industry. The goal of RentPress is to make marketing easier for apartment management companies while creating a simple, frictionless experience for prospective residents. Find out more at