YouTubeNewTeeVee is reporting that YouTube will be adding geosearch, which will give viewers “the ability to find videos tagged to a certain location.” A YouTube product manager said the feature is currently “in limited experimentation,” and would be launched “really soon.”

Simply put, geotagging is a way to tell a website specifically where you’re located on the map. YouTube added the option to geotag videos when they’re uploaded a little over a year ago, but hasn’t offered a way to search based on that information. Expect this searchability to extend to other Google properties soon, as well. Google Earth already offers some geotagged YouTube videos, but only for a select few videos.

It’s not hard to imagine that tagged videos will soon be searchable in organic Google results, on Google Maps, Google Local (which is essentially another way into Maps) and Google Earth. A search for “San Francisco apartments” will net photo and video results along with the text. (Other search engines currently provide results like this, and searches on Google Maps already return photos.)

It takes two seconds to scroll down and type your address after you add the video description. If you’re posting property videos to YouTube (or Flickr, or any other photo/video site, for that matter) make sure you are taking advantage of features like this that might make your media more search friendly.