Virtual and Self-Guided Tours- Tools to get you started

by Jun 12, 2020Blog, Approachability, Innovation

Property tour alternatives aren’t going away anytime soon. Self-guided and virtual tours are now a major aspect of your leasing toolbelt. Zumper shows that 32% of people prefer virtual tours because of COVID-19 with an additional 11% prefer them regardless of the virus. Even more striking 52% of people still want an in-person tour. Social distancing guidelines help keep prospects and your team members safe and self-guided tours let your shoppers scratch the in-person viewing itch. 

Providing these options helps to serve every customer and fit each of their needs. 

Online Tour Schedulers and Appointment Schedulers

We know the power of an online tour scheduler. Make it easy for prospects to schedule tours with your property by allowing them to schedule when they are shopping. Streamlining the booking process means less back and forth and more time saved.

Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime

These video conference tools let your team host virtual tours and self-guided tours. A leasing agent can show a prospect around an apartment and the community amenities. 

When used with self-guided tours a leasing agent can assist a shopper with questions while still at the leasing office or even their own home.



If you are offering virtual and self-guided tours you want to make sure prospects know about it! Canva is a simple tool to help you create a Facebook banner or graphic or website pop-up to promote these sought after tour methods.

Gimbal (or a really steady hand)

Not all tools are digital! A gimbal is a simple tool used to keep cameras steady when filming, creating a professional and easy to watch video. Shaky cams are all the rage in horror films but are less appealing when trying to get the sense of an apartment. An unsteady video can even cause nausea in the watcher.

YouTube and Vimeo

Once you have a recording of your apartment’s or property’s virtual tour you want to make it as easy as possible for people to view it. 

By uploading it to YouTube or Vimeo, you can send a link to the tour and embed the video on your website. While both are free, Vimeo offers higher quality playback but most will find YouTube’s uploading process easier to complete. 

YouTube also offers royalty-free music and small editing abilities so you don’t have to purchase even more programs and tools.

If you haven’t put thought into self-guided or virtual tours, now is the time. We can answer any questions you may have on how to get started. Drop us a line! We’re here to help.