wordpress Do you have a self-hosted blog or website running on WordPress? If so, make sure it’s updated to the current version (2.8.4). (You should see the version that you’re currently running when you login to the Dashboard.)

There is an ongoing attack on sites running older versions of the software, so it’s important to upgrade to avoid the issue. (Blogs hosted on WordPress.com are not affected.)

The following warning comes from Lorelle on WordPress:

There are two clues that your WordPress site has been attacked.

  • There are strange additions to the pretty permalinks, such as: example.com/category/post-title/%&(%7B$%7Beval(base64_decode($_SERVER%5BHTTP_REFERER%5D))… Look for keywords like “eval” and “base64_decode.”
  • A “hidden” Administrator has been created (which you probably won’t be able to access). Check your site users for “Administrator (2)” or a name you do not recognize.

Any sites not running the current edition are STRONGLY encouraged to upgrade to the latest version WordPress. From what we’ve seen, this attack goes deep into your site and its associated database. WordPress remains an outstanding content management system that we use for many blogs and websites, and it has a strong community that is available to help. Lorelle’s post offers a number of resources to help you get the answers you need.

If you have questions about upgrading your site, please contact us … we’ll be happy to review your setup, no charge.

(All 30 Lines clients running WordPress should already be running 2.8.4. As always, please contact us anytime if you have any questions about your site.)