Working from Home During COVID-19 (or any other time for that matter)

by Apr 3, 2020Blog, Professional Development

Working from home has always been a welcomed benefit or work perk, but now the entire nation is shifting as many jobs as possible to remote work in response to COVID-19. At 30 Lines, we built our company knowing that our team members do their best work where they work best. We’ve had a Work from Home (WFH) option in place for nearly a decade.

Since we’ve been doing this for a while, we wanted to share some basics we lean on to help you make your work from home experience the best:

Video Conferencing

This isn’t just for internal meetings anymore. Of course, people are using it for team meetings, brainstorm sessions, and the occasional client call. But don’t forget to use your video conferencing tool for networking (Virtual Coffee chats), interviews, or Team Happy Hours–our 30 Lines team is loving our Virtual Happy Hour every Friday. 

Multifamily Industry Tip:  Video conferencing is a great way to connect with your residents. Instead of picking up the phone, set up a video conference and see the difference it makes. Even if it’s a maintenance call–showing them your face shows you care.

Tools we love and use here at 30 Lines: UberConference and Zoom

Calendar Planning

It seems silly, but don’t forget to use your calendar to make your workday more structured. In addition to calls and meetings, be sure to block time for a lunch break or walk around the block. Also set calendar reminders to check in with team members, especially ones who aren’t on your team or don’t report to you. A quick hello to check-in can go a long way in unlocking opportunities to collaborate. Section off chunks of your calendar as “Available” so team members know you’re open and available for a quick Slack chat or phone call. 

Multifamily Industry Tip: Schedule a 15-minute Grand Opening meeting every morning. Take this time to host a morning huddle with your team, and all the better if you leverage video conferencing. The more your team is aligned (even if remote), the better care they’ll take of your residents and customers. 

Tools we love and use here at 30 Lines: Google Calendar and Calendly

Groups/ Internal Chat Tools

We’ve always leveraged a team chat tool to help keep our inboxes to a minimum. An internal team communication tool can help you categorize conversations, track projects, and create meaningful connections. 

Multifamily Industry Tip: Use this as an opportunity to share important resources and announcements (but make sure this isn’t the ONLY place you post announcements) 

Tools we love and use here at 30 Lines: Slack and Facebook Groups 


The key to doing your best work when working from home is communication. We hope these tools will help you bridge those gaps and make your work from home experience your best experience yet.

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