Lease Magnet

Capture, on average, 40 more leads per month for only $50.



Adding a smart pop-up window to your website can help you capture more leads without interrupting the apartment shopping process for your prospect.

Convert More. Advertise Less.


Promote discounts, incentives, or other exclusive offers to your website visitors


Use designs that are branded to your community and company


Capture visitors’ email addresses so you can build your audience and re-market to them via email and social ads


Create urgency with copy that compels those warm leads to take action

Only about 2% of website visitors actually complete the Contact Us form on your website. If you have 100 people viewing and searching your website every day, only about 2 of those prospects are giving you their information.

Get your 30 day free trial, no strings attached.

Free Lease Magnet

A Lease Magnet smart pop-up can be:


placed on interior pages of the website; it doesn’t have to be on the home page


timed to show up after prospects have spent a specific amount of time on the website


set up for exit intent, only showing up when a prospect is about to close out of your website

Want to continue with the Lease Magnet after your trial?
No problem! Introductory pricing is just $50 per month with no contracts and no fees. But don’t worry. We won’t bill you unless you tell us you want to continue. No auto-enrollment gimmicks here.

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