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Testimonial from Sarah Greenough

Today’s renters want and expect immediate engagement and responses to their inquiries, yet it takes a leasing team 7 hours (on average) to respond to a prospect message via Facebook. Imagine how many other apartment communities a prospect will research and reach out to in that seven hours while they’re waiting for a response from you. If just one of those competitors responds quickly, they win the lead – not you.

What can you do about it? Deploy the newest marketing technology in the industry to help your community win the race and capture every interested prospect.

What Is It?

A chatbot is a service that runs on a messaging platform (such as Facebook messenger) and uses artificial intelligence and predetermined rules to chat with prospects and residents on your behalf.

What Can It Do?

    • Respond to all Facebook messages 24/7 – prospects and residents do not have to wait for the office to open to get a response from the team


    • Act as a leasing agent, working to help a prospective resident find the perfect floor plan fit for them and solving their questions and objections in order to get them one step closer to becoming a tour and a rental


    • Answer common resident questions about paying rent, submitting maintenance requests and more – even when your leasing office is closed


  • Mirror the same conversational and relationship-building experience customers would get when chatting with a live leasing agent

How does it help my business?

    • Saves manpower hours and removes the burden of having to man the Facebook page all day


    • Reduces the number of missed leads


    • Pushes prospect information from the chat directly into your software system, for more accurate lead attribution, giving you the ability to track prospects and leads that originate from social platforms


    • Instantly hands a customer over to a live leasing professional or page admin right away, to provide a seamless customer experience when a message or question cannot be answered


    • Gives customers the choice to chat with a live, on-site representative at any time and “leave” the bot communication (allowing the customer to communicate on their terms)


    • Can be linked to and used in conjunction with your property website and numerous other digital channels


    • The chatbot can be incorporated into paid social advertising to create a more unique, memorable and seamless experience for your customers


    • Builds additional intelligence over time. It gets smarter the longer it runs


    • Add substance to your email campaigns – give customers an immediate way to connect and converse with you


  • Helps you beat your competition to the lead, every time

Facebook Messenger is the second most downloaded IOS app

There are currently 1.3 Billion Facebook Messenger Users

400 Million people use the Facebook Messenger audio and video chat service each month

Average number of messages sent monthly between users and businesses: 2 billion

Where’s the proof?

See firsthand how other communities just like yours, are using a chatbot to net more leads and create a much more memorable experience for their customers.

Property #1

This community deployed the chatbot on their Facebook page and also tied the chatbot into their Facebook ad strategy. Over the course of just 30 days, they utilized a Facebook ad budget of $150 and used “message us” as the call to action on their social ads. 115 people clicked on their ad and 30 potential prospects actually messaged the property from the ad, holding on average, a 1:38 minute conversation with the chatbot. Their average cost per lead was just $2.17 and their average cost per high-interest lead was just $8.30.

Property #2

This community collected 10 email addresses from 17 prospects through the chatbot over the course of 45 days. This 59% conversion rate is exceptionally higher than the standard 14% conversion rate for Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, combined.

Property #3

During the first 45 days of installing the chatbot on the property’s Facebook page and property website, 15 new prospects messaged the property and interacted with the bot and 40% of those prospects completed the chatbot guest card, giving the on-site team brand new leads from their Facebook page (that also got pushed into their lead management system for accurate lead tracking).

The chatbot responds to questions, concerns, and inquiries right away while gathering prospect information, such as their preferred contact method. This not only frees up your leasing team’s time and allows prospects to get answers as soon as possible but also works to give you much more accurate lead attribution, directly from your most popular social platform.

See it in action