30 Lines Chatbot FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding our multifamily chatbot, which was developed specifically for the apartment industry.
Can I put a 30 Lines Chatbot on my property website?

Yes, a 30 Lines Chatbot can be the perfect complement to your multifamily website. Unlike traditional chat tools, our multifamily chatbot can actually answer customer questions immediately and push the lead information directly into your lead management system, to allow for accurate attribution. No manual data-entry required here. ☺️

What makes the 30 Lines Chatbot stand out from all the rest? The ability to initiate conversations beyond your property’s website. Anywhere you can share a link, you can start a chat – from email signatures or Adwords campaigns to social media platforms. If you’re investing in chatbot technology, be sure you’re giving your customers the ability to converse with you from anywhere (not just your website).

What is the setup process like when implementing a 30 Lines Chatbot for an individual property?

Don’t worry – we try to make it as easy as possible to do business with us! Upon signing up for 30 Lines Chatbot service, you’ll receive a checklist from 30 Lines requesting specific community information that we’ll then use to build your custom property chatbot. We’ll build in some of our own tried and true multifamily intelligence; however, the more insight you can provide during this stage, the more detail we can develop into your property chatbot from the start. 

Once your checklist has been received and access to requested channels (such as your Facebook page or website) has been granted, our team of bot builders will get to work developing your 30 Lines Chatbot. During this development, our team will incorporate industry and location-specific intelligence to field and respond to prospect and resident inquiries quickly and effectively. We’ll also establish the integrations necessary to connect with the industry’s lead management systems.

Your 30 Lines team will be accessible during the setup period and beyond – making sure you continuously receive the most benefit from your bot.

Do I have to sign-up for a long-term contract with 30 Lines?

No, contracts with 30 Lines operate on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel at any time with a 30-day written notice.

Do individuals think they are chatting with a member of my leasing staff when they are interacting with the property chatbot?

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with every user. We never hide the fact that your prospects or residents are conversing with a chatbot. Plus, our data shows that prospects really don’t mind chatting with a bot (They talk to the bot, on average, for nearly 2:00 minutes!). Today, customers are focused on getting their questions answered immediately and accurately. In general, they are less worried about who (or what!) is actually delivering the information. You’ll also be able to give your property chatbot the ability to pass communication on to a live leasing professional at any point in time, for those customers who prefer to chat with an agent.

Just remember, this doesn’t mean we can’t give your bot some personality! In fact, we recommend giving your 30 Lines Chatbot a name. We call our chatbot Linus, and he’s always open to chatting.

Can I use my 30 Lines Chatbot for other marketing initiatives besides simply facilitating instant response?

A primary reason our 30 Lines chatbot technology was developed through Facebook Messenger is its ability to allow seamless integration with other marketing initiatives driven by apartment marketers. Anywhere you can share a link, you can start a chat. Whether being used as the primary call-to-action within an advertising campaign or a handy part of your leasing team’s email signatures, a link to your custom multifamily chatbot can be effortlessly shared.

Plus, all users have to do is click the link provided and their information can be passed into your property’s lead management system for additional follow-up.

Can I use my 30 Lines Chatbot to gather resident reviews and feedback?

Yes, 30 Lines Chatbot has the ability to collect resident reviews and feedback. Anywhere you can share a link, you can ask a resident for a star rating – even beyond your property website. Marketers can use this strategy to increase property star ratings and facilitate more positive reviews.

Give it a try by leaving 30 Lines a review through Linus, our 30 Lines chatbot: http://m.me/30lines?ref=feedback

How does a 30 Lines Chatbot respond when it doesn’t know an answer to a prospect or resident’s inquiry?

First, 30 Lines Chatbots are highly customizable. If there is a particular way you’d like your chatbot to respond, our 30 Lines bot builders can train the chatbot to answer accordingly – and with some ‘personality’, too!

Traditionally, we find properties prefer to pass the conversation to their on-site team when the 30 Lines Chatbot doesn’t know the proper way to answer an inquiry. The bot will request a preferred contact method, so your team can reach out directly to answer the question and facilitate additional follow up.

And, our multifamily chatbots get smarter over time. Each week, the bots build their intelligence. Questions that aren’t able to be answered by the bot initially will be built into their ongoing intelligence. Basically, your bot’s brainpower grows every time it’s asked a question.

Is reporting or analytics regarding a 30 Lines Chatbot available?

Yes, reporting on the chatbot’s performance will be provided by 30 Lines on a monthly basis. Reporting encompasses a variety of data points, such as number of conversations initiated, number of leads submitted, average conversation time, conversion rate, average cost per conversation, and average cost per lead.

During setup, the team at 30 Lines will request access to Google Analytics to provide an additional layer of tracking; however, this step is not required to receive routine reporting.

Can I turn off the option to pass the conversation to a live leasing professional?

Yes, we do have the ability to turn off the live chat option, where prospects can choose to instead chat with a live agent. Some of our clients choose to turn this feature off, and we will work with you to determine the right strategy for your community.  Our 30 Lines bot building team can also tailor messaging around this point to ensure the experience of the prospect or renter is not negatively impacted.

What is the process for passing a lead to a live leasing professional?

30 Lines Chatbot conversations can be passed to a leasing professional, as well as any other property or corporate/regional employee in one of two ways:

30 Lines Chatbot will be directly tied to your property’s Facebook account. Whenever an employee, who has admin access to the Facebook account, would like to jump into the conversation with a user, they can do so directly from their Facebook inbox.

In addition, the bot can be programmed to provide the user an option to converse with a live agent. Should a prospect or resident prefer to be connected to a live agent, the bot will collect their preferred contact method and send a notification to the property so the staff knows to reach out.

How does the chatbot instantly know a user’s name?

30 Lines Chatbot was built on the backbone of the widely popular platform, Facebook Messenger. This connection allows 30 Lines Chatbot to access public information provided by the user through their Facebook account, such as their name. Not only does this allow for a more personalized conversation from the start, but it also passes the information on to your lead management system.

Can a 30 Lines Chatbot be implemented on a corporate website?

Developing a 30 Lines Chatbot for a corporate website can certainly be accomplished, but is a more advanced process than implementing the technology for a single property. Corporate websites house much more information and typically target multiple audiences (prospects, residents, employees, investors), which requires a more in-depth strategy for the chatbot’s communication. For this reason, we request individuals schedule a consultation with our 30 Lines team to determine the scope of the project.

Can a user type a response to a 30 Lines Chatbot instead of selecting one of the designated button options available?

Yes, users do have the option to type their response as opposed to selecting one of the designated button options.

If the bot is unable to decipher the inquiry, we can train it to respond in a manner that works best for your team – whether it passes the conversation to a live agent or collects a preferred contact method for additional follow up.

Can the chatbot send information directly into different CRM programs?

Yes, 30 Lines Chatbot has the ability to connect directly to a variety of CRM and lead management systems. This allows for more accurate lead attribution and allows on-site teams to immediately work the leads as they come through, in the system they’re already familiar with.

What information can a 30 Lines Chatbot share with my lead management system? Is the entire transcript of the conversation available?

The entire transcript between users and your 30 Lines Chatbot can be found in your Facebook Messenger account; however, key customizable attributes can be funneled directly into your lead management system (e.g. name, contact information, preferred floor plan, pets, etc.). Our 30 Lines team works with each client on an individual basis to determine which attributes are most valuable.

Want to keep chatting about chatbots?

If you’d like to introduce a multifamily chatbot to your property or corporate website, connect with 30 Lines. Or, strike up a conversation with our own 30 Lines chatbot, Linus.

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