Product News: RentPress Release 'Comet' Helps Apartment Communities Stand Out

by 30 Lines Marketing | Aug 25, 2020 | News, RentPress

30 Lines, a digital marketing agency, helps apartment communities stand out against the crowd with their marquee software product for multifamily marketers, RentPress (

RentPress is a suite of marketing tools that creates a seamless and comprehensive experience for apartment marketers across websites, chatbots, email, and other digital marketing channels. 

The latest update is named after the recent flyby of the NEOWISE comet. RentPress Comet brings new tools to showcase specials for specific floor plans, powerful new ways to organize properties, new updates for ResMan, and more.

When advertising a special discount with “just put it on the homepage” isn’t targeted enough, you can now easily add and manage advertising specials and discounts for specific floor plans on your website. When enabled, the special will be seen across your website anywhere that floor plan is shown. Each special also supports adding a link out to a page to provide more detail. And for an added bonus, you can also set an expiration date after which they will automatically remove themselves.

“Everybody loves knowing they’re getting a discount or a special deal. Online apartment shopping is no different,” says Ryan March, Product Manager of RentPress at 30 Lines.  “If you’re looking for an easy way to reach those deal-hungry apartment shoppers, RentPress makes it incredibly easy. Setting an expiration date ahead of time means I don’t have to think about managing each special individually.”

Easily display special discounts to apartment shoppers

Visit our support site to learn more about adding a special to a floor plan or adding a special to a property

These floor plan specials are a great way to let shoppers know about not just discounts, but any value-adds or really any other information to help sway a decision. It’s part of running any online leasing office.

If you’re looking to step up to a conversion-focused tool, we definitely recommend checking out our Lease Magnet. Don’t worry, as these tools were built to compliment each other. Your shoppers will feel right at home!


Learn more about Lease Magnets: “Case Study- Lease Magnet Messaging that Converts”


Additionally, property “Community Types” helps organize properties for both website managers and apartment shoppers alike. You can create as many Community Types needed for your portfolio including:

  • New Construction
  • Furnished
  • Student
  • Senior Living

But don’t forget to have fun with it either! You can create hyper-customized property types like:

  • Beachfront
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Highly-Rated

Or any other classification that fits in your portfolio. These community types are instantly available in searches, and automatically create landing pages for you. With just a little bit of work, you can turn your landing pages into stellar conversion-focused tools – perfect for any part of a digital marketing strategy.

Community Types help organize and search for properties

And finally, our customers using ResMan to run their business will find a little extra love and attention in this release. With new additions like lease term pricing and better handling of floor plan images, both website managers and apartment shoppers will see a better experience.

“It’s going to feel completely new. We’ve revisited nearly every part of the ResMan integration,” says Software Engineer Charles Randall.

“We’ve made improvements from down deep in the database all the way up to what apartment shoppers see every day. There’s never been a better time for a ResMan-based property to try RentPress,” says Randall.

ResMan-powered websites truly shine with RentPress

Installation takes only a few minutes on WordPress and requires no website development experience. Once installed, RentPress updates pricing and availability in real-time and effectively captures new leads, while helping apartment marketers better understand which advertising sources are most effective.

Additionally, the product is positioned at an attainable price point. “We wanted to make it easy to use, but also easy to afford,” said Ryan March, RentPress Product Manager. “Our goal is to make the online apartment shopping experience as frictionless as possible for everybody–so we wanted to make sure it could fit property budgets at all levels. Every member of the 30 Lines team has touched this product, and we are all excited to help our customers lease more apartments.”

RentPress set up is $150 and has a base price of $50 per month, and $5 per month per property. To find out more about RentPress or check out an online demo, go to

About 30 Lines Founded in 2008, 30 Lines is a digital marketing agency specializing in the multifamily and apartment industry. We’re focused on creating experiences where technology and customer service enhances, rather than hinders, a consumer journey. In addition to offering a suite of digitally-driven marketing solutions, we’ve also developed software technology to create a seamless experience for marketing managers who want to increase occupancy, reduce their overall marketing spend, and more effectively communicate the value added to their assets. We’re not a start-up or a trend; we’re a boot-strapped service provider with a proven track record of delivering forward-thinking solutions. Find out more at   

About RentPress Created in 2012, RentPress is a marketing software platform designed specifically for the multifamily industry. The goal of RentPress is to make marketing easier for apartment management companies while creating a simple, frictionless experience for prospective residents. Find out more at

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