Payment Terms

  • Summary payment terms are located at the bottom of all quotes and invoices sent by 30 Lines and must be read and acknowledged prior to the start of the partnership.
  • We require a 30-day notice for any cancellation. Cancellation notices can be provided by email, to your Account Manager or sent via mail to our office at 121 E Nationwide Boulevard, Columbus Ohio, 43215.
  • Invoices are due upon receipt. After 30 days, a 10% overdue payment amount will be generated on the invoice.
  • When a late fee is incurred on an invoice after 30 days and the original amount of the invoice is paid, reminders will be automatically generated for the remaining balance and you are welcome to pay them at any time.
  • Unpaid late fees incurred beginning January 1st each new year are due for payment in November of the same year. You will receive a yearly statement detailing the invoices related to late fee accrual and payment of any outstanding late fees are due by November 30th.
  • Invoices containing Advertising Services must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. Failure to pay within 30 days will result in an automatic suspension of advertising services at the beginning of the next monthly billing cycle.
    • Suspended services due to non-payment cannot be resumed until payment is received. We cannot accept proof of payment such as a check number or screenshot of a payment receipt from an account payable system to resume services.
  • Billing preferences are set-up based on the specifications provided by the client when initially onboarded. Clients are responsible for updating this information with us as needed to ensure proper billing processes are being followed. Some examples of information that may need to be updated periodically are:
    • Email addresses for emailed invoices
    • Updates to property management/bill-to information on invoices
    • Property name changes
    • Compliance updates/requirement changes
  • Payments can be made via company check (made out to 30 Lines LLC), major credit cards, ACH, or via PayPal to
    • Overpayments and duplicate payments will be applied first to oldest open balances on client accounts (late fees, delinquent invoices, etc), remaining amounts can be refunded to client or held as a credit on the account and applied to future invoices per the clients wishes.

If we received an overpayment or duplicate payment and there are no open balances on the account, we will first reach out to the client to see if they would like the funds held as a credit on their account or returned for voiding. If we receive no response after 10 business days, the check will be automatically returned to the client via the address on the check.