Capture and Convert Kit

$325.00 $249.00

Capture and convert more leads, without increasing your ad spend.

The Capture and Convert Kit by 30 Lines will help you convert more of the traffic you’re already getting into highly qualified leads. Don’t spend another dime buying “more traffic” until you’ve seen what this can do to help you build a smarter, more efficient marketing system.



Capture more leads and convert more of them to rentals— without spending more on ads. All with three awesome tools in one incredible deal you won’t want to miss!

At 30 Lines, we can appreciate that you don’t want to tie up your marketing budget with long-term commitments. That’s why our packages run month to month. We think the results will speak for themselves.

Capture more leads from traffic you’re already getting.

We’ll help you drive more traffic to your website, your social media marketing and your physical location.

Launchpad Top LineLaunchPad (3)

With Launchpad, we’ll instantly take your leads from any ILS and add them into your email list and your social advertising audiences.

Get those leads out of the marketplace where they can see your competition … and get them into your marketing channels, where you can show them everything you want to share about your location, drive more traffic to your website, and create more opportunities for stronger lead follow-up.

Works with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more!

Convert more leads into rentals.

Once you get those visitors to your site, you don’t want to lose them. We give you the tools that get them to take action.

Top Line Lease Magnet)Lease Magnet

Use a Lease Magnet pop-up on your website to help you capture more customers— instead of relying on them to find and use your Contact Us page or button. We create customized pop-ups that let you promote discounts, incentives, or other exclusive offers and competitive advantages to your website visitors, while capturing their email addresses. This way, you can continue to build your audience and re-market to them with customized campaigns.

Our team creates vibrant designs that are branded to your company and community, with copy that creates urgency and compels those warm website leads to take action.

Email Lead Nurturing Top Line Email)

The customer journey goes smoother when you pave a path for them to follow.

That’s why we’ve created custom email sequences designed to give apartment hunters the property and community information they need to make an informed decision. The sequences take into account where a prospect expressed interest, whether they’ve taken a tour and whether they’re interested in one property or several, and feature messages appropriate for each scenario.

Apartment marketing messages should match how a customer shops— and where they are in each phase of the process. Look. Learn. Lease. And our email lead nurturing is the perfect way to nudge those leads into committed rentals.

We’re offering this entire package for $325 per month per community— no contracts, no long-term commitments! Plus, this special pricing means you only pay a $300 one-time setup and design fee AND you get one month of free service.

Still not convinced? Schedule a VIP appointment to discuss how the Capture and Convert Kit can work for you or call Kristi at 513.236.3154.


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