RentPress FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding RentPress, which was developed specifically for the multifamily industry.
What is RentPress?

RentPress is a WordPress plugin created by multifamily-industry experts and designed to help turn your website into a marketing powerhouse for your business. By creating areas to manage properties, floor plans, individual units, and even neighborhoods, your website transforms into the ultimate customizable leasing tool.

RentPress also provides easy, one-step integration with popular property management software. Supercharge your RentPress experience with the ability to display the most accurate pricing and availability on your multifamily website for one property or your entire portfolio.

How do I install the free RentPress plugin?

With RentPress, you can transform any WordPress website into a valuable apartment marketing tool.

You can find the free RentPress plugin from the WordPress admin by navigating to Plugins > Add New and search for RentPress in the plugin repository. Click Install to start the installation process. Once that’s completed, be sure to click the Activate button.

At this point, RentPress will create custom post types in your sidebar for Properties and Floorplans. Additional utility post types of Neighborhoods and Units will appear in the sidebar as well. Now, you’re ready to set up RentPress.

What is the difference between the free version and the subscription version of RentPress?

You can install the free Rentpress plugin by visiting This option allows you to get started quickly without purchasing a subscription from 30 Lines. After installing, the easiest way to start is to use the built-in templates available with RentPress. If you prefer, you can create your own custom page templates for Properties, Floor Plans, and Neighborhood post types.

All this is available by installing the free WordPress plugin.

You can enhance your Rentpress experience by connecting your real-time pricing and availability feeds from RentCafe, Entrata, MRI MarketConnect/Vaultware, and ResMan. That way when your property management software updates with pricing and availability, RentPress updates as well. Without the paid subscription, updates to property and floor plan information require manual entry.

The subscription costs $50 per month for a single website license. Connect with 30 Lines to get started or schedule a demo

How do I manually enter property information with the free RentPress plugin?

Once activated, a custom post type is registered and displayed in the wp-admin area titled “Properties.” Add a new property with the name of your property and input your info in the “Property – General Information” area fields in the editor, making sure to provide some data for the “Property Code” field, then save your changes. At a minimum, enter info for Property Name, Property Description, and Property Code.

How do I manually enter floor plan information with the free RentPress plugin?

Once activated, a custom post type is registered and displayed in the wp-admin area titled “Floor Plans.” Similar to creating a property, navigate to the post type for “Floor Plans” and click “Add New” to get started. Enter the basic floor plan info in the “Floor Plan Information” area fields, making sure to use unique strings for “Floor Plan ID” and to enter the same Property Code you used when creating the property into the “Floor Plan Parent Property” field. Now, you can publish your floor plans.

How do I manually enter unit information with the free RentPress plugin?

Once activated, a custom post type is registered and displayed in the wp-admin area titled “Floor Plans.” Similar to creating a property, navigate to the post type for “Units” and click “Add New Units” to get started. Enter the info for your Floor Plan, Unit Number, Rental Price, and an Application URL where prospects can apply. Then save your changes.

Can RentPress automatically pull real-time pricing and availability from my property management system?

Yes, with a monthly subscription from 30 Lines. With your subscription in place, RentPress is now equipped to parse through your data feeds to pull real-time pricing and availability from popular property management systems. We use the same data feeds that most ILSs use.

What property management systems does RentPress support?

With a monthly subscription from 30 Lines, RentPress can pull real-time pricing and availability from the following popular multifamily systems:

  • RentCafe / Yardi
  • Entrata
  • MRI MarketConnect / Vaultware
  • ResMan
  • RealPage (Coming Soon!)
How can I access the property data fields in RentPress?

Since RentPress now has your property pricing and availability data and stored it as custom post meta data, you can access any meta field using the typical WordPress get_post_meta() method or new-up a WP_Query() class.

We also have shortcodes available to pull in listing data, as well as decorator classes and global singletons that give you a variety of methods to call all pricing and availability information in a clean, template-friendly way.

Are there log files that I can reference if something is breaking with the RentPress plugin?

Yes, there is a /Log directory in the root of the RentPress plugin. There are separate, automatically generated logs for warnings, errors, info, and event triggers.

How do I enable and use the floor plan templates included with RentPress?

After installing, the easiest way to start is to use the built-in templates available with RentPress.

First, make sure the “Single Property Website” option is enabled, then save. Then enable the “RentPress templates” option. You’ll also want to make sure to choose the “Single Floorplan Template” and the “Floorplans Grid Template” options, if you would like both. Otherwise, you can leave one or both of these on “Use Custom Theme” if you would like to write your own templates. After choosing your selections, click “Save.”

Can I customize the styling of the templates included with RentPress?

The templates allow users to choose one primary accent color. This will set the color for the main call-to-action (CTA) buttons as well as additional locations on the RentPress template selected.

Does RentPress have shortcodes that I can use?

Yes, right now RentPress has included shortcodes for [floorplan_grid], [featured_floor_plan], and [units_table] each with their own parameters.


  • Attributes
    • property_code [Default=false]
    • bed_filter_suffix [Default=”Bed”]
    • link_to_availability [Default=false]
    • display_floor_plan_name [Default=true],
    • available_units_only [Default=true]
    • display_floor_plan_image [Default=true]
    • order_by [Default=false]
    • order [Default=’asc’]
    • bedroom_filters [Default=false]
    • price_sorter [Default=false]
    • use_pagination [Default=false]
    • posts_per_page [Default = 10 ]
  • Example: [floorplan_grid property_code=”p0132261″ bedroom_filters=true price_sorter=true][/floorplan_grid]



  • Attributes
    •  [Required] floor_plan_code [Default=false]
    • link_to_availability [Default=false]
    • intro_title [Default=false]
    • intro_content [Default=false]
  • Example: [feature_floor_plan floor_plan_code=’887992′]



  • Attributes
    • [Required] property_code or fp_id [Default=false]
  • Examples:  [units_table property_code=’p0132261′][/units_table] [units_table fp_id=’887992′][/units_table]
Can RentPress be implemented on a corporate portfolio website?

Yes, you can install RentPress on a single property website or a multi-property portfolio website. Pricing for the subscription service remains $50 per month for a single website license, regardless of the size of your portfolio showcased on that website.

Do I have to sign-up for a long-term contract with 30 Lines?

No, RentPress subscriptions operate on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel at any time with a 30-day written notice. This is consistent with how 30 Lines handles ongoing contracts for all products and services.

Want to learn more about RentPress?

If you’d like to set up a demo of RentPress, please connect with 30 Lines. Our team is also available to troubleshoot any challenges you experience with the plugin, or questions you have about the product.

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