State of Search

Takeaways from June 2020

COVID-19 restrictions began lifting just as normal heavy leasing season began to ramp up in June. This combo led to a return to normalcy for the search terms surrounding the multi-family industry. Numbers are beginning to approach similar highs from last year and easily surpassing numbers from the rest of 2020 for most of our tracked search terms. Terms like “Section 8” continue to slowly decline as the federal government continues to cut funding. Additionally we also are beginning to see terms that jumped in popularity begin to come back down to earth like “Open Apartments.”

  • For the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Open Apartments” has seen a dip in search volume with a roughly 15% drop from May. Although overall search volume has decreased, this is still a very intriguing opportunity for SEO and PPC marketers.
  • “Apartments for Rent” is now at it’s peak for the year, only 5% down from peak interest last year. Now is definitely the time to start capitalizing on search interest and increase search ad spends.

Main Terms

Major City Apartment Search

Smaller Market Apartment Searches

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