State of Search

Takeaways from Week 10 (5/17 – 5/23)

The trends of the last few weeks continue unabated for most of our tracked terms. Overall search volume is up on average, although still lagging behind last year by around 5%-10% per term. Additionally, The COVID crisis has definitely altered prospects’ search behavior to a more remote-tour, move-in-ready approach. “Open apartments” is the highest in search volume that it has ever been in the history of Google, which is incredibly eye-opening with regards to search and renting behavior. Technology was always pushing virtual tours, automated messaging, etc on the apartment industry, but COVID may have budged it along faster than anyone had anticipated. Focusing on chatbots, email drip marketing, and SEO can only help now more than ever.

  • “Open Apartments” search volume is 50% higher than a year ago and again, the highest it has ever been since Google started tracking.
  • “Apartments for Rent” continues to rebound, closing in on where it “should” be this year. Currently it sits about 5% behind normal.

Main Terms

Major City Apartment Search

Smaller Market Apartment Searches

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