About 30 Lines

30 Lines was founded on one premise: Help businesses achieve their objectives by engaging their customers and prospects. It used to be that the companies that paid the most for attention won … now it’s the companies that pay the most attention that will be the winners.

Some people call it social media, some call it Web 2.0 … we call it the new way business gets done.

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Why 30 Lines?

Most Internet users find information through search engines. And most search engine users don’t have much patience. In fact, over 90% of users give up after the first three pages of results — after 30 headlines, they’ve either already clicked on something, or they revise their search.

That means marketers — and their more vocal brand influencers — need to make the right impression on those consumers quickly. You have 30 lines (probably less) … are you making the most of them?

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