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Learn why email is our clients' #1 digital channel.
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Use the power of your data with personalized and automated messaging. Mobile-friendly design with your community images to nurture and convert all of your leads.

Email is a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool. In fact, for our clients who use email marketing regularly, it’s often their #1 digital channel. (And it’s usually by a wide margin.)

We create email marketing journeys designed specifically for your business. With RentPress Email Journeys, you’ll get automated, personalized emails for where your prospect is in their multifamily leasing journey. With RentPress Leads your email journey is powered with your data and then trigger emails based on floor plans, move-in date and any other data you collect. Does your property management system offer the same capabilities?

Build and nurture your email subscribers.

We’ll work with you to help you acquire and nurture your email subscribers to open, click and then convert. Our nurture strategy ensures your prospects know you have more to offer.


What can you do with email?

• Automatically nurture prospects and inspire them to take the next step with your community
• Save time and improve your leasing team closing ratio
• Integrate and leverage your contact forms, pop-ups, CRM & other data to populate your email journeys

Get started with email marketing

Keep it consistent with your brand.

Start with one of our professionally-designed email designs, customized with your brand guidelines, logo, and images.

Your message, delivered.

We work with you to develop strong, compelling content that gets your message in your prospects’ inboxes, not their spam folder.