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Meet Our Lineup: Dilara Casey

Dilara Casey is a marketer-turned-culture-leader focused on human connectivity. She is also the newest member of the 30 Lines team and joins our company as the Senior Director of Talent and Culture.

Use Backlinks to Get Your Apartment Community Ahead in Search

If you’re sprinting to improve your website’s rank in search results, building a team of backlinks can help. Apartment marketers often forgo the marathon of earning backlinks altogether; however, that move is one that could put their property behind in the race long term.

Spring Forward with a Behavior-Based Approach to SEO

Apartment marketers – it’s time to dust off your property’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Watch as Mike Whaling, president of 30 Lines, breaks down the process individuals undergo when searching for apartments online, as well as ways SEO can cleanly impact each aspect of this customer experience.

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