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Convert more leads while spending less on driving traffic.

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Expectations for apartment marketers are higher than ever. Even with reduced budgets, multifamily marketers are tasked with generating more traffic, more leads, more tours, and more leases. Many turn to a quick increase in advertising spend to fill these gaps, yet that very approach rarely moves the needle – no matter how much you’re investing.

So how can you accomplish more, with less and show tangible results to your C-Suite?

Nail the Apartment Marketing Fundamentals

You can either spend endless dollars on driving more traffic or you can take better care of the prospects you already have.

What marketers need now are the fundamentals. Elaborate campaigns require considerable money, resources, and time – which marketers don’t always have. The market is continually changing, and it’s impossible to predict what’s coming next, which is why we’re encouraging marketers to go back to what works.

Make it easy for your apartment shoppers to do business with you every step of their journey.

When they’re looking

Create awareness, for the property or brand so your community makes their list

When they’re ready to lease

Remove friction and lead prospects into a seamless transaction

When they’re learning

Persuade and convince them your community is the right option

When they love you

Nurture residents to establish an experience they’ll want to share

Hit Your Leasing Goals

Quality Traffic. Higher Interest. More Tours. Signed Leases.

By nailing the Apartment Marketing basics, you can reduce spend on ILS’s and Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and increase the numbers that matter to the owner -signed leases. And when you use Marketing Automation to implement these fundamentals, you’ll create a marketing machine that will serve as rocket fuel for your leasing team. They’ll have more time for the work that digital marketing can’t do, and it will be easier than ever to convert each prospect that comes across their desks.


Increase Organic Traffic

20% increase in website traffic over 3 months

Get More Leads

40 more leads per month with Smart Pop-ups


Give More Tours

89% of prospects who schedule their appointment online are showing up for their tour. And out of those individuals who do tour, nearly 40% go on to rent.


Nurture and Convert Prospects and Residents

Overall leads to the property increased by an average of 64% per month, leads from previously existing website tools like contact form submissions improved by 16%


Answer More Community Questions

40-60% of leads collected through our clients’ websites come in after-hours


We began our partnership with 30 Lines in May for a new lease-up and have exceeded our pre-leased occupancy schedule. We were able to lease up our first building in record time and are on track to continue this success with quality traffic, an average of 30 tours per month with limited tour availability, and a lead to lease conversion rate of 60%. What has sold our prospects on our community has been our online presence and use of different marketing platforms with 30 Lines, such as their chatbot, smart email follow-ups, Google Ads, and tour scheduler.

Amy Tucker
RAM Partners

Perform like a Rockstar with the Apartment Marketing Fundamentals From 30 Lines

Keep up with slashed spending and get back to the basics. Use our tools to get ahead – and move customers through the multifamily marketing funnel automatically. All while giving your team more time to focus on building a relationship with the most qualified prospects.

7 tools to capture and convert more leads – at every phase of the customer’s journey:

Search Engine Optimization

Help more prospects discover your community online – without spending more on ads

popup icon

Unlimited Lease Magnet (Lead Capture Tool)

Put your most urgent marketing message front and center and inspire prospects to act, all while collecting more leads from the traffic you’re already getting

rocket icon

RentPress Leads Lead Accelerator

Automatically showcase your community’s differentiating factors, so you stand out in the market

envelope icon

RentPress Email Journeys

Stay in front of prospects, even when your team isn’t (we know they’re busy!)

phone icon

Text Campaign Lead Generator

Get more of your offline leads into your marketing channels – so your team has an opportunity to close them

calendar icon

Online Tour Scheduler

Start each leasing day with appointments for tours already on your books

All in, these amazing marketing tools would normally cost over $1,100/mo.

You can pick any 4 for only $560!

Sign just ONE lease, that will more than pay for all of these tools for the entire next year!

Marketing Fundamentals Package

$1,040 Value
$980 per month
  • SEO Essential
  • Unlimited Lease Magnet Pop-Ups
  • RentPress Leads Lead Accelerator
  • RentPress Email Journey
  • Text Campaign
  • Online Tour Scheduler

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