Convert More Leads

Create seamless website lead conversions with 30 Lines’ intelligent Lease Magnet pop-up.

Accelerate the Leasing Process

With seamless integration to your CRM or property management system leads are delivered instantly.

Need More Leads?

Get on average with 40 (or more!) leads per month. That’s how many prospects are saved, on average, when you invest in Lease Magnet conversion technology.

On average 30 Lines clients who utilize Lease Magnet have achieved:

Leads Per Month


Leads Per Week


Leads Per Year


Cost Per Lead

Lease Magnet Capabilities

Branded to Your Community

Deliver your marketing message in a smart, eye-catching way


Deliver a Marketing Message

Leverage specials, offers, featured floor plans, incentives, community amenities.

Capture Website Visitors

Collect lead information before they click out and leave your website

Give Your Team More Leads

Allow your leasing teams to start the relationship-building process earlier while pushing leads directly into your sales funnel

Get a head start on marketing automation.

Our Lease Magnets act as a gateway to building better apartment marketing campaigns. 

Launch a Lease Magnet on your website, get prospects opting in:   

✓ Powered by RentPress Leads with direct integration to your existing CRM
✓ Accelerate the leasing process and give your team the ability to follow up earlier, more often, and before your competitors do
✓ Add warm leads to your email list and build your audience
✓ Trigger automated email drip campaigns that nurture prospects and get them taking action, including scheduling tours and signing leases
✓ Craft intelligent retargeting campaigns through Google, Facebook, and Instagram, so your community is always top of mind

Customize your Lease Magnet.

You’ll be in good company.

Capture more leads free for 30 days.

Get a custom design installed on your site. No contracts, no commitments. 

Portfolio Website

$149 + $19/prop*/month
  • Dynamically target individual properties, neighborhoods, or regions with behavior-triggered pop-ups, slide-ins, and floating bars on your portfolio site.
  • *Setup fee required

How to Leverage Your Lease Magnet

Visualize more ways to a lease magnet.