Convert more, advertise less. 

Add our Lease Magnet smart pop-up to your website and watch your leads multiply, instantly.

Capture more leads.

Every day, you’re losing leads and you probably don’t even know it. On average, only 2 out of every 100 apartment website visitors complete an online guest card that gets routed to your leasing team. The other 98? Gone.

Lease Magnet works to capture more of those leads you’re losing. What if you could double or triple your leads without spending another dime on advertising? Lease Magnet can do that.

Beat your competitors to every lead.

Deliver a smart, eye-catching marketing message to your prospect at a time when you’re competing for their online attention. And, automagically collect their contact information before they have a chance to click out and leave your site.

You’re not getting in the customer’s way – you’re inspiring them to take action and creating an urgency that makes them want to engage with you. You’ll have a brand new prospect in your leasing funnel before your competitors do and you won’t have to spend advertising dollars to do it.

Get Results

What would you do with 40 (or more!) leads per month? That’s how many prospects are saved, on average, when you invest in Lease Magnet conversion technology.

On average 30 Lines clients who utilize Lease Magnet have achieved:

Leads Per Month


Leads Per Week


Leads Per Year


Cost Per Lead

Capture more of Lease Magnet’s capabilities.

Branded to Your Community

Deliver your marketing message in a smart, eye-catching way


Deliver a Marketing Message

Present coupons, offers, featured floor plans, incentives, and other competitive advantages

Capture Website Visitors

Collect lead information before they click out and leave your website

Give Your Team More Leads

Allow your leasing teams to start the relationship-building process earlier while pushing leads directly into your sales funnel

Get a head start on marketing automation.

Website pop-ups, like our Lease Magnet, act as a gateway to building better apartment marketing campaigns. They’re the very start of what smart marketing automation looks like.

Install a Lease Magnet on your site, get prospects opting in, then:  

Watch the lead automatically come into your lead management software or email inbox
✓ Add warm leads to your email list and build your audience – automagically
✓ Give your teams the opportunity to follow up earlier, more often, and before your competitors do
✓ Trigger automated email drip campaigns that nurture prospects and get them taking action, including scheduling tours and signing leases
✓ Craft intelligent retargeting campaigns through Google, Facebook, and Instagram, so your community is always top of mind

Customize your Lease Magnet.

Step 1

We’ll install the Lease Magnet on your site, and you’ll watch the leads roll in. Of course, we’ll connect it to your Google Analytics account for full transparency and tracking so you can see the stats in real-time.

Step 2

Craft your unique marketing message. Showcase what sets your community apart from the rest, highlight a specific amenity or floorplan style, announce an upcoming open house or offer a special incentive. The choice is yours, and you can edit your message at any time.

Step 3

Determine placement and triggers for your Lease Magnet. Want your message front and center on your homepage for all visitors to see? We can do that. Want to take a more strategic approach and put your message in front of website visitors based on behavior (such as time on site or exit intent) or a specific page they might visit (like your floorplans page)? We can do that, too.

Step 4

Choose your Lease Magnet style. From pop-ups to floating bars to slide-ins, you’ve got options, and we’ve got you covered. And, A/B testing is included in all of our campaigns. Try different headlines and offers, content and layouts so you can truly determine what works best.

Step 5

We’ll design the perfect Lease Magnet that matches your company’s brand personality and send to you for approval.

You’ll be in good company.

Capture more leads free for 30 days.

Get a custom design installed on your site. No contracts, no commitments. 

No, Pop-Ups Aren’t Dead.

Learn about Google’s rules for mobile and how they impact lead generation for your apartment website.