Facebook Timeline for Business: A New Look for Your Page

Like it or not, Facebook isn’t afraid to make big changes. And with their announcements yesterday, they’re going to be making some very big changes to business pages, as well as a number of other tools for marketers using the site.

We’ll focus on the business page updates for now … trust me, these updates alone will keep you busy for a while. Here are a few of the biggest changes coming to your page:

Introducing New Facebook Pages

Cover Photo

The most visible change to the page is the cover

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Mike Whaling

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  • Leloo

    How on earth do you add the MAP on a business timeline?  There is no obvious tab as on my personal page. And I am roadblocked by google map app unless I switch to personal. Arg. Just like you have it pictured here in your grab. How do I do it? THANKS!

    • http://mikewhaling.com Mike Whaling

      Hi Leloo, Facebook hasn’t made a map available for most business pages yet. Some bigger brands are testing a “parent-child” page model, which includes a map of locations (see Verizon Wireless).

      The map shown in the screenshots is auto-generated once you add your business address in your page’s About section. If you want a more detailed map, you could always create a custom app that includes the mapped information you want to provide to your subscribers. Good luck!

  • Leloo

    I guess no one knows!