Meet Our Lineup: Dan Carroll

by Jan 15, 2020Team 30 Lines, News

He’s a designer by trade, but his DNA is steeped in strategy. Dan Carroll joined 30 Lines shortly after graduating college and has been a key player for the company since Day One.

Dan attended CCAD where he majored in Industrial Design. He chose this path because it converged his lifelong interest in visual arts and the nitty-gritty of how things work. Dan explains, “Design is much more than a bunch of visuals on a screen. You are crafting a customized experience for users at every step of their journey. Understanding how customers operate and designing a user-centric product that caters to that can truly make or break the customer experience.” During school he realized that Industrial Design represented the perfect marriage of graphic design, product design, and consumer experience. Dan Carroll

His first role at 30 Lines  was as a graphic designer, tackling any and all projects that involved design work, but his skill set quickly grew alongside our business. Dan expanded his expertise into User Experience, Experiential Design, and Art Direction. He now sits on the leadership team as our Senior Director of Design and Product, overseeing not just the look of our products, but their functionality and focus. Dan shares, “I’ve always loved creating and I’ve always loved solving problems.”

But he is more than just a tech-savvy designer with a wicked eye for strategy. He’s also a well-respected, well-loved team member who teaches by example. Dan digs deep to ask questions, gets the team excited about their work, and has a standard that everybody aspires to achieve. 

If you could choose 3 adjectives to describe yourself, which would you choose?

Creative, versatile, consistent.

Describe the experience of collaborating with other team members – whether it’s design or coworkers with different skill sets. 

One of my favorite things is sitting down with members of my team, each with a different specialty, all working together to solve a common problem. When the puzzle pieces fit together to make an awesome product, it is super rewarding.

What are your favorite pastimes or hobbies?

I love exploring the great outdoors. It clears my head and helps me recharge. Red River Gorge has been my recent go-to.

What’s your favorite food?

I’ve never said no to a burger. They’re delicious, portable, and versatile. Breakfast burgers, barbecue burgers, spicy burgers…I’m on a mission to try them all.

Don’t forget to drop Dan a note at He’s looking forward to connecting with you.