“Should we have a property blog?”

I get that question a lot. In a future post, I think I’ll have to go through some of the reasons why the answer is absolutely YES.

If you have a property blog, or if you’ve thought about writing one, but don’t think you have enough ideas to write about, here are 30 ideas to get you started:

  • How to get the most from our property management team.
  • Recommend an improvement to our community.
  • What kinds of community events would interest you most?
  • Exciting updates or changes coming in future months.
  • How to decorate a small space. (Reference products from IKEA or a post from Apartment Therapy.)
  • Upcoming events, coupons and offers for the next two weeks.
  • A little bit about us.
  • Best kept secrets in our neighborhood.
  • Best place to get a beer, find home accessories, watch the fireworks
  • Photos from this month’s community meetup.
  • Video: A day in the life of our service technicians. (You could also post this on your Careers page.)
  • Our residents rock!
  • We support these causes, and here’s why.
  • Tips to lower your utility bills. (You could interview someone from the local utility company.)
  • Have you seen our community garden, dog park, fitness room, whatever.
  • How we handle your disputes or complaints.
  • Anything that builds on a recent piece in your resident newsletter. (Use this both ways — promote recent blog posts in your newsletter.)
  • How to handle a difficult neighbor.
  • Can you recommend a better process for this?
  • We’re sorry, and here’s how we’ll handle things next time.
  • Report from our resident community review board.
  • We hate to see you go, but if you have to leave, here are some tips when preparing for move-out. (Too much?)
  • Friend us on Facebook (or Myspace, or Twitter, or Pandora, or… You get the point.)
  • Interview a local politician with a Flip Video, or let a community leader write a guest post.
  • Why we like something about a competitor’s community better, and how we’ll catch up.
  • Local business profile — Get to know the corner (insert business here).
  • Our favorite local websites or blogs.
  • Resident guest posts: How you think we could improve.
  • We asked for your favorite recipes. The responses were delicious!
  • A quick tour of the resident web portal. (No portal yet? Try one of these options.)

You tell me … Which ones would you write about? Which ones go too far? Can you see how customers might react to reading these? I wrote almost every one of these with the resident or prospective renter as the intended audience. Is there any other audience for which a property blog should be written? How would these ideas change if your intended reader belonged to a different group?

Do you have other topics that have worked well for you? Do you have an example of a great property blog? Show off by posting your blog’s address in the comments!