Do You Need A Multifamily Chatbot?

by Mar 5, 2020Blog, Chatbots

As one of the easiest ways to utilize AI technology, chatbots fulfill a prospect’s need for instant gratification. They allow your team the opportunity to nurture the right leads at the right time. Chatbots are a tried, tested, and true marketing automation tool. They build the foundation of your marketing technology stack and accomplish more than you think for less money than you know. 

But you might still be asking yourself, “do I really need a multifamily chatbot?” The answer is: YES.

Here are three ways that a multifamily chatbot will make your life easier: 


Chatbots get you to the lead faster. 

We know that most people are doing the bulk of their online apartment hunting at night. We also know that most leasing agents are sleeping at night. Chatbots can help you be in two places at once, getting to your leads faster.

Speed to the lead is important in multifamily. If you have a contact form on your website then you might notice inquiries coming in after your leasing office has closed for the day. When you respond the next day, you have already lost the prospect’s interest. 

Our multifamily chatbot allows you to answer your prospect’s questions as soon as they have them, whenever that may be. Whether that’s just after the office closes or at 1 am. 


They optimize your time.

Chatbots are always on, always responding. Gone are the days when leasing consultants spend hours monitoring social media and other digital channels to generate responses to repeated renter inquiries. Instead, let your apartment chatbot handle the initial lines of communication, passing more nurtured leads to your leasing team. 

Our multifamily chatbot offers an FAQ section so when your residents want to know how to pay rent or what the leasing office hours are, the answers are right at their fingertips. By answering these questions right off the bat your team receives only the most qualified leads.

When our chatbots automatically follow up with prospects using sequences you have more time to serve those highly interested leads. And because your chatbot’s personality is customizable, you don’t lose that high-touch and personal experience the multifamily industry thrives on.

Let the chatbot act as your digital leasing assistant, instantly responding and collecting leads. And instantly saving you time.


Maximize your Marketing Budget with a chatbot. 

If you want to build the foundation of your digital marketing or automation strategies without investing thousands of dollars or hours of your time then multifamily chatbots are a simple and accessible start. With integrations and customization options it’s easy to expand the chatbot’s abilities and allow you to practice automation strategies, without holding your entire marketing budget hostage. You can get a chatbot set-up, running, capturing and converting leads automatically for a sliver of what you pay for SEO or another leasing agent.


So, do you really need that chatbot?

Speeds to the lead, time optimizing, and a budget saver. These are just three reasons why a multifamily chatbot makes sense for you. Chatbots let you facilitate an always-on customer experience. They are a foundational tool in any marketing tech stack. Bottom line is, yes, you really need that multifamily chatbot.

Learn more about the 30 Lines Multifamily Chatbot and how it will make your life easier. Then sign up for a demo to see it in action for yourself.