Pierce Education Properties

From the time we began working with Pierce Education Properties in June 2013, they have grown from a mere handful of locations to an impressive portfolio of over 15 student housing communities throughout the nation, all of which 30 Lines has worked with individually to develop a strong, strategic and consistently growing online presence.

Our Strategy

Our typical SEO strategy goes beyond simply researching keywords and swapping out meta data, and working with the Pierce properties was no different. We work to create a long-term plan that consistently builds a network of content that is tailored to grow the reach of each Pierce website, that also complements both their other online and offline marketing efforts.

We are currently working alongside 16 of their unique properties, each facing different obstacles including rebranding, reputation management and saturated markets, in order to reach one common goal: an active and effective online presence.

Local Listings

We’re big believers in creating a broad online presence so that people can find you, no matter where they are looking. Through our own efforts and our partnership with Yext, in 2016 alone we were able to create over 946 unique local listings for the Pierce properties across a network of 50+ websites, resulting in 116,339 additional search impressions, and 6,313 profile views from visitors beyond the individual Pierce websites.

Keyword Research

Showing up in search for branded terms is always important, but it is just as important to show up for unbranded terms that prospects are using when they are making their way through the typical customer journey (in this case, student apartment hunting).

Out of the 28 unbranded keywords we are currently tracking and targeting for the Pierce-managed property, The Village at Bluegrass Apartments in Mt. Pleasant, MI, their website ranks in the top 20 results for 22 of them.

As of November 2016, this Central Michigan University off-campus property ranks in the top 10 results for the following unbranded keywords that are targeted through our SEO strategy:


  • CMU Apartments
  • Apartments Near CMU
  • Pet Friendly Apartments Central Michigan University
  • Pet Friendly Apartments CMU
  • Pet Friendly Apartments Mount Pleasant
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments CMU
  • Three Bedroom Apartments CMU
  • Four Bedroom Apartments CMU
  • Mount Pleasant MI Furnished Apartments
  • CMU Furnished Apartments
  • Roommate Match Service CMU

Website Optimization

With a location in the heart of Midtown, Atlanta, it is essential for Pierce’s 100 Midtown Apartments to stay relevant online in order to stay ahead of their competitors. 30 Lines has transformed and grown their website through continual landing page creation, link building and more in order to capture more traffic into their site.

In the month of November 2016, compared year-over-year to November 2015:

    • Sessions from Organic Search on 100 Midtown’s website have increased by 33.46%
    • The percentage of overall traffic from Organic Search has increased from 39.4% to 49.3%
    • Local Listings referral traffic has become one of the top five channels into the 100 Midtown website


*data based on Google Analytics reports in November 2016

How have you seen improvements with your properties and property websites since working with 30 Lines?
I have had a great experience working with 30 Lines. They not only take charge of our SEO efforts but they take the time to educate our team on what they are doing and making sure we have a clear idea of what efforts are in place for each of our properties. The take a personalized approach and are willing to dig in and learn about the properties instead of applying a one size fits all approach to our portfolio.I have seen an increase in the conversion of our online traffic, particularly at our Midtown, Atlanta property. We have been able to take what would have been a quick visit to our site and convert it to a lease. We have also seen the success of more targeted landing pages bringing in the specific traffic we need to close out the leasing season.
Krisann Baker

Regional Marketing Manager, Pierce Properties

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