Here at 30 Lines, we’re big fans of the multifamily housing industry. Our work involves building online communities that benefit businesses; the apartment industry is in the business of building physical communities that benefit renters and often entire neighborhoods … there are a lot of interesting parallels, and it’s a good fit. We have the privilege of working with some great apartment companies as clients.

NAA Education ConferenceWith that in mind, as we kick off one of the biggest events of the year for the apartment industry, we’d like to make a special offer for those in the multifamily business as a way to say thank you.

First, take a look at how much the game has changed. Just ten years ago, many apartment companies had simple websites (or no website at all), and they were unsure how the Internet would ultimately play into their marketing strategy.

Today, many of these same companies have much more complex websites that feature dynamic virtual tours and complete online leasing capabilities.

However, online marketing today goes well beyond the corporate website. Besides countless advertising opportunities and free classifieds sites, trends in search and consumer interaction are changing the way people shop for a new place to live. With almost 80% of apartment searches starting online, it’s more important than ever for multifamily marketers to have a comprehensive, consistent online presence. Like the theme of the NAA Conference this year, “It’s a New Game … Knowledge is Power.”

We don’t just want to see you trying to play this new game — we want to see you win. That’s why we’ll be announcing a special offer to any apartment company or their marketing agencies here at the conference. Stay tuned … more details to follow by the end of the day.