Website Audits- Maintaining Your Marketing Stack

by Jan 21, 2020Blog, Marketing, Search

Knowing your marketing tech stack is the first step to knowing how to make the most out of it. Website audits are a great way to find how to improve your number-one digital marketing tool. Think of a website audit like car maintenance. When you have a mechanic check under the hood, you get a chance to repair those problems that you didn’t know were even there. And tune-up spots, preventing issues in the future.

Auditing your website once or twice a year ensures that your website is working hard for you by spotting any issues before they become big problems. Small fixes add up to greater visbility in Google searches and creates a remarkable shopping experience for your prospects. Filling in correct meta data and alt tags lays the groundwork for great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your website.


Bridge the gap between digital marketing efforts and real life attribution with goals in Google Analytics.

We suggest looking at usability and accessibility features that have a big impact on the user experience. Meta data and alt tags affect a user’s experience and how you rank on Google. Evaluating the tools you use for tracking activity on your site is extremely important to knowing if your website is performing how you want it to.

Google Analytics allows you to measure important steps in the customer journey like contact form submissions, phone calls, tours scheduled. If tracking for these aren’t set up correctly then your team will have a hard time knowing what efforts are truly working and where you can improve next. Measuring the success of digital campaigns with Google Analytics bridges the gap between digital marketing efforts and real-life attribution.

“After 30 Lines completed our website audit, they uncovered opportunities for us to capture and convert more leads and streamline the website experience for our customers. It was an eye-opening exercise that was worth the investment and the results led to a significant lift in ROI across our marketing platforms. Our website is ready for prime leasing season!”

Shanon Pereira

Director of Marketing, Atlantic Pacific Real Estate Group

We know that figuring out all the right things to look at can get overwhelming. We made a free website audit checklist so you know the most important items to focus on. We included the points that let you know if you are getting the most from your website. Your website can be your number one digital marketing tool. Keep it that way!


Just like car maintenance, website maintenance is something you can probably do yourself. This checklist will help you ensure you’re looking at the right things once you pop the hood on your website. But if you don’t have the time and would like the experts to take a look, we’re here to help.