Spring Forward with a Behavior-Based Approach to SEO

by Oct 21, 2020Apartment Marketing, Search, SEO

Originally Published: Apr 24, 2018.
Updated with new information and sources: Oct 21, 2020.

Apartment marketers, did you know you can significantly improve your visibility? According to our research, those using Search Engine Optimization increased their website leads 75% faster than those who weren’t taking advantage of SEO efforts.

So what exactly does this mean? It’s simple; it’s time to dust off your property’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and put it to good use. Together, let’s clear those cobwebs off your approach to reach current and prospective residents through the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

At 30 Lines, we specialize in results-driven SEO deliverables for our multifamily clients. During this process, there’s one question that comes up more than others: “How can my property rank higher in Google search results?”

This question is understandable. More online visibility has the opportunity to translate into more leases signed. However, our team at 30 Lines challenges apartment marketers to shift their focus to a question more aligned with how search engines operate:

“How can I best answer specific questions prospective renters are typing into search engines?”


SEO is all about being the best answer, and apartment marketers should make it their primary SEO effort to facilitate their responses cleanly.

There are many questions a prospect may choose to ask at any given point in the process during an apartment search. Therefore, it’s essential to thoroughly organize the customer search experience from start to finish instead of focusing solely on the beginning of the search process. With this foundation in place, apartment marketers can accurately align their SEO to-do list with customer behavior.

In the following video, Mike Whaling, President of 30 Lines, breaks down the specific process individuals undergo when searching for apartments online. At 30 Lines, we refer to this behavior-based model as “Look, Learn, Lease, Love.” Mike also establishes the ways SEO can impact each step of this customer experience.


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We consider ourselves Apartment Marketing nerds and love to talk all things SEO, from simply choosing the right keywords for your apartment community to the more complicated topics like making schema easy for Multifamily Marketing.

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Want a cheat sheet of the Behavior-Based SEO approach? We’ve got you covered.