Case Study – Lease Magnet Messaging that Converts

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We are no strangers to the power of Lease Magnets (also known as pop-ups or lead magnets). Lease Magnets have been shown to double or even triple conversions for multifamily websites. Without a lease magnet, leasing teams rely on prospects to find the contact form on their website and opt in to a newsletter or mailing list. 

A potential lead may explore an entire site and still leave without submitting their information.  And some multifamily industry pop-ups don’t always offer the ability to opt-in either. Without a 30 Lines Lease Magnet your team is also missing out on delivering strategically timed as well as targeted messaging on your website.


What We Studied

In our latest study, we examined messaging and calls-to-action that proved to be the most effective on a Lease Magnet. We looked at data from 62 marketing-focused Lease Magnets over 30 days from mid-March to mid-April. We took into account their conversion rates, number of CTAs, headlines, and the number of opt-in fields. 

Because of all the possibilities targeted content, having a strong message and cohesive CTA is incredibly important to a pop-up. Our research shows that these two factors play an influential role in a Lease Magnet’s conversion rate.


The Results And Recommendations

We found that more than half the campaigns with a 2% or greater conversion rate used the call to action “sign up” consistently in their messaging. Lease Magnets with four or more CTAs and inconsistent messaging had only a 1.39% conversion rate. Less than a fourth of the Lease Magnets with a 2% or more conversion rate were promoting some form of a special offer. 

From these results, there are several actions leasing teams can take to improve their Lease Magnet conversion rates.

While it may be important to get as much information to a lead as you can, the “less is more” strategy proves to be effective for Lease Magnets. Use this opportunity to get a quick message in front of a lead while adding them to your mailing list. From there, you can send them more curated content through a newsletter, nurturing email campaigns, and availability notifications.

Combine strong messaging with a “less is more” strategy by segmenting your audience and targeting them directly. Lease Magnets allow you to directly targeting prospects as they move through their buying journey. 


To target a shopper who is further along in their journey a client can use one Lease Magnet on a tour scheduling page with specific messaging about virtual touring. Concentrate on a prospect just starting out by displaying a Lease Magnet with for your mailing list on your homepage. Each pop-up provides a customized and catered experience for potential leads. 

Creating a pop-up with a clear CTA such as “Sign up,” that remains consistent through the main headline will help to increase the Lease Magnet’s conversion rates. 


Don’t Miss Out On Leads

Consistent messaging is the key to improving your pop-up’s conversion rate. Don’t give your customers a chance to leave your property website and move onto a competitor before you capture their email addresses.

Website pop-ups are one of the easiest, most affordable things you can do to automate your marketing. It allows you to capture more leads, without spending more on online advertising. Want more tips on how to make the most of your Lease Magnet? Get the scoop!

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