3 Ways to Increase ROI on Your Apartment Marketing Website Traffic

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Where Is My Website Traffic Going?


Creating a website can be a big task. There is design, copywriting, optimizing for search engines, and property photography. With budget season’s arrival here in the Multifamily industry, you need to think about how to get the most out of every marketing dollar you spend.

If you are spending time and money on an apartment website and on getting people to that website but it isn’t collecting shopper info from traffic, organic or paid, then you are not getting your return on investment. So where is your website traffic going? Out the door or into your pocket?

Marketing Automation tools allow you to create higher quality leads by making the most out of your website traffic, which means you can spend less on lead generation. These tools enable you to take full advantage of that hard-earned site traffic, increasing its ROI.


Capture and Convert Apartment Shoppers with Marketing Automation

We love all things marketing automation at 30 Lines. Saving time and money are just the tip of the iceberg. Marketing automation tools also create a seamless experience for your customers. When prospects shop the way they expect and are familiar with, they feel at ease and want to continue doing business with you. Many marketing automation tools connect together and support your other marketing efforts, like your website. 


Here are 3 ways to increase the return on investment of your apartment marketing website:



1| Use Lease Magnet Pop-ups to collect lead information


Lease Magnet Pop-ups have been around for almost as long as the internet itself. That doesn’t mean they are dead. Multifamily marketers who use this technology average 40 more leads per month.  Collecting prospect information is the first step in ensuring you are getting the full return on your website traffic. 


You can collect a variety of shopper info from anywhere on your website with a pop-up. We recommend the basics including Name, Email address, and Phone Number. You can include additional fields like number of bedrooms or move-in date. But don’t use too many or the prospect might get overwhelmed and skip filling out the pop-up entirely. 

Your pop-up should feature an offer or value-add for the prospect. Why should they give you their information? Entice them with a deal, newsletter, more information, or alerts on availability. 


Here are 10 Marketing Messages That Inspire Prospects to Take Action (Without Offering Free Rent)


Get strategic by placing the pop-up on your floor plans page and setting it to appear after some time has passed. Include an offer for personalized help and use consistent calls-to-action in your messaging and you’ll have a pop-up that converts.



2| Let Prospects Schedule Their Tour Online


It’s simple, tour schedulers work. Multifamily pros using a tour scheduler with 30 Lines see that 89% of prospects who schedule their appointment online are showing up for their tour. And out of those individuals who do tour, nearly 40% go on to rent. All of that by just offering your current website traffic the option to schedule a tour.

Tour Schedulers reduce the back and forth that can take place when a prospect and leasing agent are trying to find time in each of their calendars. Your team can easily control when they can accept tours and prospects can schedule right at the moment they decide they want a tour. 

Here’s a helpful hint: Place your scheduler on multiple pages on your site so that prospects can sign up wherever they are in their journey. 


Make it even easier for shoppers to tour with you by offering virtual or self-guided tours.


Once you capture prospect email addresses with a lead magnet and tour scheduler you’ll be poised to nurture them one of the highest return on investment marketing automation tools out there; Email Drip Campaigns.




3| Nurture Prospects with Email Drip Campaigns


3.9 billion people use email worldwide. Apartment shoppers are using email. And so should you.

You probably heard of email blasts or reminders for tours. Your team might even be sending these messages by hand. Email Drip Campaigns go further than just a singular reminder or notification. 30 Lines Email Drip Campaigns send a series of relevant emails to your prospects, automatically, telling the story of your property. They give apartment shoppers the information they want and need about your community. 

But you shouldn’t just give them that info, you should give it to them exactly when they want it. Smart email sequences send messages depending on where a prospect is in their journey. By nurturing warm leads with these campaigns your leasing team will convert leads into signed leases faster and more often. 

A 2019 study by Litmus showed that Email Marketing has a return on investment of 42:1. That means for every $1 you invest you get $42 worth of value out. Who can argue with those results? If your email campaign converts just one lead, it pays for itself in the first 45 days.

Is Marketing Automation Right For You?


Marketing automation tools that capture and convert the traffic you would already be getting from your website makes every aspect of your marketing more valuable. From the website where you collected the leads to the leasing team who signed them to the reviews they left when they were satisfied. All of these pieces become more effective when you collected and nurtured your residents using Marketing Automation.

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